Versandverpackungen mit Sicherheitsverschluss
  • Company:

    Luicella's Ice Cream

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  • Type of packaging:

    Shipping carton

  • Product:

    Ice powder and accessories

Innovative ice cream shipping packaging for creative ice cream varieties

The classic flavours of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate have been enthusiastically enjoyed for decades by all age groups, but to surprise the taste buds of ice cream lovers and transform the pleasure of ice cream into an unforgettable experience, even more unusual varieties must be created to enrich the ranges and fill up our ice cream cones. This vision of creating an ice cream world with a wider range of flavours and creating new types of ice cream is the motivation for the company Luicella's Ice Cream. Blueberries, lavender, roasted almonds, maple syrup and numerous other creations conjure up broad smiles on the faces of the “sweet toothed” among us. The history behind the start-up Luicella's Ice Cream is just as unique as the delicious creations themselves.

Luisa Mentele and Markus Deibler opened their first ice cream parlour in Hamburg in 2013 with the aim of offering unexpectedly amazing taste experiences through their unique ice cream creations to adults and children alike. In their perfectionist ice-cream kitchen the creative heads lovingly develop new ideas to develop and refine their extraordinary ice cream range. Created from carefully selected and fresh ingredients, with no additional flavourings, colouring agents or preservatives yet with lots of love, the 100% natural and unadulterated delicacies are becoming a daily highlight for more and more people.

As well as the unusual ice cream varieties, the start-up Luicella's Ice Cream also markets other innovative ice cream creations. The product range of the ice cream experts offers ice cream lovers the opportunity to become a Gelataio in their own kitchen and create the cool delicacies themselves just by adding a few ingredients. Additional accessories such as ice cream makers, recipe books and unusual toppings complement the product range. As expected, ice cream fans are inspired by the sheer diversity of the exclusive and home-made ice cream varieties, so their own ice cream parlours in Hamburg, the product placements in food retail outlets and the online business are the perfect solution for meeting the needs of the happy customers in the best way possible.

So it can supply ice cream fans in Germany with the unique ice cream and product range, THIMM and Luicella's Ice Cream worked closely together with very precise concepts to create joint ideas for an innovative e-commerce packaging system for shipping uncooled products. The outcome of this is the digitally-printed shipping packaging with the functional “THIMM secureLock”, which transports the uncooled products securely and protected to the customer. The digital printing gives the ice cream packaging made from corrugated cardboard a high-quality print image and an attractive packaging design. The ease of use, the exclusive branding in the print image and the secure locking technology combine to increase the recipient’s anticipation of the delivery through the ice cream packaging.

The enthusiasm for the new e-commerce packaging is also reflected in the intensive collaboration.

"In essence with THIMM we have found a partner who suggests forward-looking ideas, is an innovative trend-setter and has provided us with comprehensive advice at all times. The joint collaboration on the new ice cream packaging was very enjoyable, since THIMM understood our requirements and proposed relevant customised solutions. The quality of the end product along with the reliability in the collaboration have convinced us of the value time and time again." Levent Gönül, Supply Chain Manager Luicella's Ice Cream.

New e-commerce packaging with its secure lock provides protection from unauthorised opening

In order to enthuse its customers with the unusual ice cream creations, it is essential that the team at Luicella's Ice Cream ensures secure shipping and product delivery in their original condition. In order to meet this requirement Luicella's Ice Cream decided to use ice cream packaging made from corrugated cardboard with the integrated “THIMM secureLock”.

  • The secure lock on the ice cream packaging guarantees the seal during transportation
  • The recipient immediately recognises the product integrity of the secure shipping packaging from the anti-theft seal
  • Material efficiency of the tamper-proof ice cream packaging made from corrugated cardboard is increased as no extraneous packaging materials are used
  • The recipient can easily open the seal of the anti-theft shipping packaging

Innovative ice cream packaging inspires with its exclusive print image thanks to state-of-the-art digital printing technology

During the development of the new ice cream packaging Luicella's Ice Cream decided to use the digital printing procedure ThimmColor® digital, in order to inspire its customers with high-quality print images and first-class packaging designs:

  • Digital printing enables customised design options for the tamper-proof ice cream packaging for Luicella's Ice Cream
  • The digital printing procedure is ideal for changing or seasonal campaigns on the innovative ice cream packaging made from corrugated cardboard
  • Exclusivity through anti-theft serialisation of the ice cream packaging
  • The creation of many different designs for series products for more topicality and promotion of the digitally-printed ice cream packaging made from corrugated cardboard
  • High-impact brand presentations through first-class print quality using digital printing technology supports the unique unpacking experience of the secure, tamper-proof ice cream packaging
  • Strong brand loyalty can be achieved with digital printing by personalised customer targeting on the ice cream packaging
  • The use of water-based inks in digital printing for indirect food contact of the digitally-printed shipping packaging with the exclusive ice cream creations from Luicella's Ice Cream
  • Cost-effective even for limited print runs of the innovative ice cream packaging
  • Digital printing ensures full flexibility for product launches and test runs of the ice cream packaging for Luicella's Ice Cream

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