Versandkarton für HFO Telecom
  • Company:

    HFO Telecom

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  • Type of packaging:

    Shipping box

  • Product:

    Hardware products

Secure corrugated cardboard shipping box with anti-theft protection

Shipping box with security lock for HFO Telecom

THIMM has developed an innovative shipping box for HFO Telecom based on the specific requirements of the customer which incorporates an integrated security lock made from corrugated cardboard which prevents any unauthorised opening during transportation and ensures products are protected securely. The innovative locking technology of the shipping box means that no additional adhesive tape is required to close it so the external material ratio of the shipping box is also reduced. The shipping box provides reliable protection for the packaged goods and is easy for the recipient to open. The integrated locking technology of the shipping box is also a tamper-proof lock as the recipient can immediately recognise the intactness of the shipping box upon receipt. Large-surface design opportunities on the shipping box provide a huge potential for a high-impact brand presentation.

High-quality from the shipping box to the product

HFO Telecom, based in Oberkotzau is a specialist in ALL IP- and Cloud-Telephony and as an innovative telecommunications company offers customised and highly-professional communications solutions. From telephony- and internet products through to expert consultancy and support, HFO Telecom is a High-Service-Partner for companies and private customers alike. In the telecommunications sector, HFO Telecom sets the highest quality standards and is an experienced and reliable partner in IP-based communications. The issue of security is of particular importance to the company – from the shipment to the actual use of the products.

Jörg Jahn, Marketing Director of HFO Group always has secure transportation and product protection in mind. With THIMM, HFO Telecom has found a supplier who has understood their specific customer requirements for a secure shipping box and then created one. And Mr Jahn describes the joint collaboration as:

“It is a great fit. Or to use the slogan of a chocolate manufacturer: Square, practical, good! From THIMM we have received a packing -box that precisely corresponds in design and colour to our ideas and discussions. Stable and secure. It is our utmost priority that our goods arrive intact at the customer. This is guaranteed with the packaging from THIMM. And more than a bonus point:  The material. We are also trying to do something to counter the plastic mania. The THIMM-box is made from cardboard and is 100 percent recyclable. And that’s how it should be!”

Secure shipping box with a sustainable security lock made from corrugated cardboard

  • Shipping box made from sustainable corrugated cardboard for shipping hardware equipment
  • The integrated security lock made from corrugated cardboard protects the shipping box from unauthorised opening
  • The shipping box is sealed without adhesive tape thanks to the integrated locking technology made from sustainable corrugated cardboard
  • The tamper-proof lock shows the intactness of the shipping box when the goods are delivered
  • The anti-theft shipping box cannot be opened without destroying it
  • The shipping box is easy to open with the additional tear perforation
  • Large-surface design opportunities for a high-impact brand presentation in first-class print quality enhance the unpacking experience

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