Shipping boxes for beauty products

Secure shipping and comprehensive product protection
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Shipping boxes for beauty products

Packaging for flaconi for online shipping

Shipping boxes for beauty products

Unique unboxing experience

Find your beauty. Everyday. flaconi appeals to countless people with this brand claim. As one of the leading online shops for beauty products in Germany, sells over 720 brands and 45,000 products. Thus, flaconi offers an incomparable variety of products to inspire anew every day. The current campaign "Du bist schön" (You are beautiful) aims to reinforce people's awareness of mutual compliments, which is often forgotten in today's everyday life. Because a compliment is an appreciation that makes us happy and makes us shine. In this way, inner beauty is to be awakened in everyone.

  • Transportation protection

    This packaging protects your products securely during transportation.

  • Customised design

    Our printing technologies open up countless design possibilities for you.

  • Customised internal printing

    Very popular for personalised customer contact or as an advertising space for promotions.

Shipping boxes for beauty products

This campaign also gave rise to the new flaconi packaging, which expresses these messages as well as the brand claim. THIMM has developed packaging for flaconi for shipping beauty products that also acts as a brand ambassador and surprises and inspires recipients with an emotional unpacking experience.

The flaconi packaging is a three-part solution and consists of an outer carton, a flexible compartment and a grid insert. The outer carton of the flaconi packaging has a brown outer lid and a white noble inner lid. The flaconi packaging is printed on the outside using direct print and on the inside using high-quality post print (HQPP). An integrated flexible compartment made of corrugated cardboard fixes and protects the beauty products in the flaconi packaging during transport. The flexible corrugated cardboard compartment holds flaconi products of different sizes in place and offers comprehensive product protection in the flaconi packaging. The compartment of the flaconi packaging is a more environmentally friendly alternative to the previous fixation with bubble wrap. This has also made it possible to reduce the proportion of external packaging materials in the flaconi packaging and the sustainability concept is expressed more strongly. To ensure that the products in the flaconi packaging are not only fixed at the side but also at the height, a height-adjustable grid insert supplements the product fixation to guarantee maximum transport protection. The grid insert in flaconi's packaging offers another advantage: it is digitally printed and can be flexibly printed for seasonal campaigns and used as an attention-grabbing advertising space for a targeted customer approach. When opening the flaconi packaging, the first thing that catches the eye is the grid insert as an advertising space that appeals to the customer emotionally and inspires them with "You are beautiful!

Shipping boxes for beauty products

Customer benefits of exclusive flaconi packaging


  • High-quality flaconi packaging for online shipping also represents the high quality of the beauty products
  • Packaging for flaconi for safe shipping and comprehensive product protection
  • Product fixation of different sizes thanks to a flexible compartment in the flaconi packaging
  • Flexible compartments made of corrugated cardboard as a more environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap in the flaconi packaging
  • Additional product fixation with a height-adjustable grid insert in the flaconi packaging
  • Digitally printed grid insert in the flaconi packaging as optimal advertising space for seasonal campaigns, which can be printed flexibly and individually
  • Grid insert is the first eye-catcher when opening the flaconi packaging and creates an unboxing experience with personal customer appeal on an emotional level
  • Quick handling in the packing process of the flaconi packaging thanks to a self-adhesive seal
  • Quick and consumer-friendly opening of the flaconi packaging via a tear strip
  • Use of different printing methods for the best solution for the flaconi packaging

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