Sales trays for spices

Trays for seasonal campaigns - with digital printing and laser die-cutting
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Sales trays for spices

Digital technologies revolutionise sales trays for spice blends

Sales trays for spices

Digital printing and laser die-cutting: innovative approach to sales trays

Vitana, a member of the Orkla Foods group of companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, launched the "G(o)rillen" campaign to promote new spice blends, which also includes new sales trays. Printed with gorilla figures, which are the symbol of the campaign, these sales trays attract the customer's attention at the point of sale. The gorillas were not only printed on the sales tray, but can also be found as a laser-cut outline on the edge of the sales tray. The sales trays were produced using modern digital technologies, which significantly optimise time and costs in the manufacturing process.

  • High-quality digital printing

    Our digital printing technology showcases your products and brand to promote sales.

  • Customised construction

    Our developers have designed the packaging to meet individual requirements.

  • Customised design

    Our printing technologies open up countless design possibilities for you.

Each sales tray contains four different spice blends. Through a product presentation that is highly visible to the consumer, the sales tray actively contributes to sales promotion. The print motif of the sales trays was designed to match the design of the bags, which increases the recognition value of the brand. 


The sales trays are produced in two print variants: one for barbecue spices and one for salad dressings. Thanks to digital printing, it is possible to produce two different print motifs. With digital printing, packaging can be produced without printing plates, thus eliminating the costs and time for their preparation and production. Furthermore, digital printing offers the possibility to produce several print images on one roll. Digital printing combines flexibility and speed with individualisation and high colour quality.


In addition to the different print variants, the sales pallets also differ in the die-cuts on their front side, where very detailed gorilla figures have been die-cut. The sales trays for the barbecue spices feature a male gorilla and the trays for the salad dressings feature a lady gorilla. The two figures differ in both shape and contour.  Two different die-cuts would have required two die-cutting moulds with an analogue production method. But not with digital laser die-cutting! Digital laser die-cutting thus offers infinite variation in terms of die-cut motifs, and there is no longer any reason why one should not have a different box for each campaign. Thanks to digital laser die-cutting, the contours of the two gorilla figures could be cut out precisely down to the smallest detail, which would have been very difficult or probably completely impossible with the classic die-cutting method.

Advantages of using digital printing and laser die-cutting for seasonal sales trays:

  • Digital printing can be used to produce sales trays with different print motifs
  • Digitally printed and laser die-cut sales trays attract customers' attention at the POS and thus increase product sales
  • Digital printing and laser die-cutting save time and money 
  • With laser die-cutting, even the finest details can be cut out and different motifs produced
  • Digitally produced sales trays are ideally suited for seasonal goods

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