Corrugated cardboard folding boxes in large standard sizes

Large and inexpensive standard folding box according to FEFCO 0201
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Space-saving in the warehouse - optimum protection for shipping

Inexpensive folding boxes made of brown cardboard are suitable for shipping medium and large products of all kinds.

Advantages of our folding boxes

  • Easy recycling

    Our sustainable packaging is easy to recycle via the waste paper bin.

  • Extremely rigid

    Corrugated cardboard packaging is lightweight yet sturdy.

  • Flat-pack delivery

    Save transport and storage volume with flat-pack delivery.

The folding boxes are designed according to Fefco standard 0201 and produced in single-wall B flute. The folding boxes are available in many different sizes. The large folding boxes are delivered pre-glued and lying flat so that they can easily be closed with the bottom and lid flaps with adhesive tape.

Length x width x height of the folding boxes:

  • 300x300x300 mm
  • 300x200x200 mm
  • 300x215x140 mm
  • 300x300x150 mm
  • 320x250x120 mm
  • 330x240x160 mm
  • 360x200x200 mm
  • 350x210x150 mm
  • 400x300x150 mm
  • 400x300x200 mm
  • 400x300x100 mm
  • 600x400x300 mm
  • 600x300x150 mm
  • many other sizes and variants are available on request

Advantages of our folding boxes

  • Folding crates offer the best possible protection for your products in the post
  • Different dimensions of folding boxes available
  • Other types of corrugated cardboard and individual printing of the folding boxes are available on request
  • Folding boxes protect your products from environmental influences
  • These boxes are suitable for automatic and manual order picking
  • Folding boxes are stackable and storable

Fields of application of the large inexpensive folding boxes

  • Folding boxes can be shipped by DHL, Hermes, DPD, GLS, etc.
  • Folding crates can be used as primary and secondary packaging for your products

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