Portfolio optimisation of packaging ranges

Reduce diversity. Find your optimum packaging. Save costs. 


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Less is more. The right packaging size makes all the difference.

Packaging, processes, logistics and materials all have a significant effect on cost. Our packaging optimisation service significantly reduces your outlay on resources. Comprehensive analysis identifies all untapped potential and cost drivers. 

Packaging process with different packaging types

The best time – recognise the signs.

Portfolio optimisation does not always make sense – and that’s because some packaging ranges are simply not very diverse. But how do I know if I need to optimise my packaging range? 

  1. Volume usage in the packaging is too low: There's simply too much air in the packaging. 
  2.  Packaging diversity has increased over several years and there are now many different sizes. 
  3.  Packaging and transport costs have increased.
Development of optimum packaging

Data-based evaluations – the pathway to the optimum portfolio. 

In order to determine the best possible packaging sizes for your product world, our experts analyse both your items and your packaging data. The optimum packaging range is calculated after specific consideration of all relevant factors such as quality, sizes and consignment data. Because you and your requirements are our prime focus.


Benefits of portfolio optimisation of packaging ranges

  • Cost reductions in the overall process

    Material and logistics costs are saved.

  • Improvement in warehouse and resource utilisation

    Better use of storage spaces and lower use of resources.

  • Happy end consumers

    Less transportation damage, suitable packaging and a reduced complaint rate ensure greater satisfaction.

Optimisation of your packaging range: Approach

    Development of optimum packaging


    Identify problems, pinpoint causes, incorporate ideas and approaches.

    Annoyed woman unpacking


    Data-based analyses provide information on optimisation potential.

    Packaging range in the HGV


    Suggested solutions are determined from the findings.

    Woman scans a purchased product


    Savings in both costs and resources can be made and the end consumer is also satisfied.

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Are you drowning in a flood of different packaging sizes?

Take advantage of our portfolio optimisation expertise and streamline your packaging range. 

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