Corrugated cardboard pre-cuts

Buy all your made-to-measure corrugated cardboard pre-cuts from THIMM: find out here about the different types of corrugated cardboard and flute types, corrugated cardboard production at THIMM and of course about the corrugated cardboard pre-cuts for your own particular purpose.

Pre-cuts made from corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard pre-cuts as per FEFCO 0110

Corrugated cardboard pre-cuts are the ultimate aid for the packaging and transportation of merchandise. These inconspicuous pre-cuts can be used for many different purposes:

Corrugated cardboard pre-cuts are frequently used as intermediate layers for pallet security, as a padding solution, as pallet covers for transportation or storage or as visible protection or dust protection for lattice boxes or returnable containers. Possible uses for made-to-measure corrugated cardboard pre-cuts cover all areas of packaging, shipping and transportation and also storage. Purchase corrugated cardboard pre-cuts directly from the manufacturer today – please ask us for a personalised quotation.

Made-to-measure corrugated cardboard pre-cuts directly from the manufacturer

You can obtain corrugated cardboard pre-cuts from THIMM directly from our own corrugated cardboard production: We produce pre-cuts on our corrugators to comply directly with your measurement instructions. We can produce a width of up to 2,500 mm for you. We are extremely flexible as far as the dimensions (lengths and widths) of your corrugated cardboard pre-cuts are concerned since our machines are designed both for small and large pre-cuts. For example, are you looking for corrugated cardboard pre-cuts as covers for your 1,200 x 800 mm Euro pallets? That’s very easy for THIMM! Please just talk to us.


Material qualities and colours of the corrugated cardboard pre-cuts

Avoid those annoying incorrect purchases and order the corrugated cardboard pre-cuts which match your requirements precisely. THIMM can supply you with single and double-fluted corrugated cardboard pre-cuts. We can produce your FEFCO 0110 pre-cuts in the E-flute, B-flute, C-flute, T-flute, EE-flute, BE-flute, EB-flute and BC-flute corrugated cardboard types. You will receive the corrugated cardboard pre-cuts from us made from white and brown corrugated cardboard. We will be pleased to advice you on determining the necessary type composition for your corrugated cardboard pre-cuts.


Pre-cuts made from corrugated cardboard are ecological

Corrugated cardboard pre-cuts are made from raw paper and glue. This means they are made totally from sustainable raw materials. Corrugated cardboard pre-cuts can be virtually completely recycled and therefore form a closed materials cycle.
Is the issue of sustainability as part of your corporate social responsibility a key area of focus for you? Perhaps then corrugated cardboard pre-cuts are the ultimate packaging material for you? Please contact us for more information.

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