Pallet displays for toys

The displays for VTech present the toys from the "Tut Tut Cory Flitzer" series in the specialised trade.
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Palettendisplays für Spielzeug

Life-size pallet displays in the shape of the well-known TV children's character Cory Flitzer

Palettendisplays für Spielzeug der Marke VTech

Palettendisplays für Spielzeuge

THIMM developed the stable pallet displays for the product launch of the "Tut Tut Cory Flitzer" educational toys. These children's products are electronic playsets and vehicles that represent the characters of the Netflix series of the same name. The toys for children aged one to five years found their place in the new pallet display:

The display depicts the series hero Cory Flitzer in life size. With a height of 160 centimetres and the footprint of a Euro pallet, the pallet display is an eye-catching highlight in toy shops. The THIMM developers created six sales levels on both sides in the form of steps to ensure a clear presentation of goods. On the upper levels, small toy cars are offered for sale. On the lower levels, and thus at the viewing height of the small customers, the larger toy sets are presented. A top sign rounds off the pallet display as a height element and generates additional visibility.

  • Customised design

    Our printing technologies open up countless design possibilities for you.

  • Easy removal

    This design allows for easy removal – important for successful sales.

  • Award-winning display

    This display won a competition because of its properties.

Palettendisplays für Spielzeuge kaufen

The construction is made of sustainable corrugated cardboard, which was printed in an offset process. Depending on the intended use, the components were laminated on one or two sides and gloss varnished. This gives them a high-quality colour intensity. The design comes from THIMM's in-house creative department and ensures a uniform brand design and recognition value for toys, TV series and POS display.

Pallet displays for toys win awards

The pallet displays for toys won the bronze POPAI D-A-CH Award in the category "Travel, Leisure and Automotive, Sports and Games".

Palettendisplays für Spielwaren

Constructive features of the pallet displays for toys

  • Staircase-like structure of the levels for orderly and clear product presentation
  • Life-size representation of the series hero increases recognition value and creates an emotional connection between TV series and trade
  • Large-format pallet display creates space for the presentation of several play sets
  • Printed topper enables more reach and picks up on the connection to the TV series

Advantages of pallet displays for toys

  • Clear presentation of goods: Due to the tier-like arrangement of the individual levels, the individual toy sets can be well sorted and clearly presented.
  • High recognition value: Uniform design and use of motifs for toys, TV series and pallet display strengthen recognition value.
  • Incentive to buy thanks to additional secondary placement: Parallel to shelf placement, pallet displays serve as mobile sales displays that can be placed anywhere in the trade.
  • Everything from one source: consulting, design, production and assembly of the pallet displays completely at THIMM.

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