Confectionery displays

Display solution for confectionery with multiple shipping options
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Confectionery displays

THIMM has developed and produced a logistically innovative, goods-carrying confectionery display for use in the mass market for the confectionery manufacturer Midor AG. The confectionery display is a space-saving solution for an excellent presentation of the "Swiss Delice" products. The confectionery display was developed with the aim of using the least possible amount of material, but still ensuring the highest stability. The advantage is not only on the cost side for the customer, but is also a plus for the environment and sustainability.

Confectionery display for biscuits

The confectionery display for Midor AG not only attracts attention in retail, but also scores points for one impressive logistical feature: the display solution offers various shipping options. Assembled and filled confectionery displays can be safely shipped on pallets by freight forwarder. Space-saving and cost-effective postal or parcel delivery of the confectionery display is also an option. The display and the goods are securely sent to the retailer as a parcel in a specially designed transport box. For transport, the trays filled with confectionery are placed in the base, offering additional protection for the product. The retailer can simply remove the base and then place the trays on the base.

This innovation meets the needs of large and small supermarkets alike, as smaller retailers often lack the storage space required. Another advantage of this confectionery display design is that it can be delivered by parcel service. Often, especially in large cities, pedestrian zones are closed to truck deliveries, which makes delivery by freight forwarding more difficult. Delivery by parcel means that the confectionery displays and the goods can be handed over directly to retailers.

Floor displays for confectionery

Consisting of a base, variable dividers, two trays and a topper, the beauty of the confectionery display lies in its simplicity. The best part: With the help of differently printed trays, bases and toppers, the various types of biscuits can be placed in retail outlets as required, depending on sales strength and customer demand. This means that, in addition to the “summer promotion” and “standard range”, five different toppers can also be used in the base and back panel. This increases the possibility of variety in marketing campaigns and specific use based on customer requirements. Simplicity in logistics – variety at the point of sale!

Design features of the confectionery display

  • Special logistical feature guarantees different shipping options for the confectionery display
  • Dividers can be integrated into the confectionery display as required
  • Easy to switch out display elements depending on season and product

Your benefits from the confectionery display

  • Displays can be used for different types of biscuits or even different brands
  • Shipping option for the confectionery displays can be selected as desired and required
  • Retailers save storage capacity

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