• Company:

    Salma Petersen

  • Sector:

    Cosmetics & Toiletries

  • Type of packaging:

    E-Commerce packaging

  • Product:

    hair care product

E-commerce packaging for hair care cream from Salwa Petersen

High-quality hair care cream from the online shop should be shipped in packaging that reflects the exclusivity of the brand and protects the products during transportation. THIMM has produced e-commerce packaging with a tamper-proof lock for hair care manufacturer Salwa Petersen GmbH. The graphic design of the packaging ensured the brand of the same name was displayed to maximum effect.

About Salwa Petersen

Salwa Petersen is a woman from northern Chad in Central Africa. She has learned a number of effective and traditional beauty rituals in her life. These include the “Chébé” custom. In this custom Chadian women use a powder of indigenous herbs to nourish their long hair. Our customer has developed her own beauty product from this custom. The traditional recipes from Chad and today's technologies have been combined to create a vegan hair care cream. Salwa Petersen GmbH with the brand claim “Rituels Originels d'Afrique” inspires many women with this product to acquire strong and beautiful hair.

Unique and eye-catching: E-commerce packaging for hair care cream

Salwa Petersen has found a partner in THIMM who has implemented her requirements. THIMM has created high-quality e-commerce packaging with a tamper-proof lock to protect against unauthorised opening. The hair care cream packaging guarantees the seal remains in place throughout the entire transportation journey. THIMM has used all its printing options on the packaging and by combining the different printing processes with precise printing it has made shipping packaging for hair care products into something really special. The external cover was printed using digital printing and the coloured inner cover using direct printing. The unique design on the hair care cream packaging sets it apart from other packaging and immediately catches the eye. The design and construction of the e-commerce packaging for the hair care cream creates an emotional unpacking experience for the recipient. The shipping packaging is the active brand ambassador and presents the history of the vegan hair care cream from Chad. 

    Verpackungen für E-Commerce von Salwa Petersen
    Box von Salwa Petersen
    Versandkarton für Haarpflege von Salwa Petersen
    Verpackungen von Salwa Petersen
    Versandkarton von Salwa Petersen

Salwa Petersen, Managing Director of Salwa Petersen GmbH, describes the result of the e-commerce packaging for hair care cream:

"It is key for us as Digitally Native Vertical Brand selling high end Hair Care products to give the best possible experience to our customers at all touch points with our brand. The moment when they receive their order is of the utmost importance since it is usually their first "real" encounter with us. So, we wanted to have a beautiful, branded e-commerce box. I was very impressed by the professionalism and enthusiasm of the team at Thimm. My contact Salih Cabar, and everyone did their best to make sure we get exactly what we designed. We are really pleased to have an e-commerce box that is not just very beautiful, but also secure-lock, good for the planet and absolutely loved by our customers!"

THIMM has been by our side from the consultancy phase to production supporting us in the creation of the e-commerce packaging for our hair care cream.

"Working together we have succeeded in reflecting the exclusivity of the brand in the hair care cream packaging. The combination of design, high-quality printing processes and the innovative tamper-proof lock makes this e-commerce packaging unique. The tamper-proof lock guarantees the seal during transportation and the recipient would recognise the integrity of the packaging by the seal. This means that the hair care cream cannot simply be removed from the packaging. The use of 100% corrugated cardboard makes the packaging sustainable and environmentally-friendly as no adhesive tape or other sealing agents are required.”

The special features of e-commerce packaging for hair care cream

  • Secure shipping of hair care cream: The shipping packaging for the hair care cream has an integrated tamper-proof lock. The “THIMM secureLock” seal ensures that e-commerce packaging is delivered in its original condition. The recipient can identify the integrity of the packaging by the seal. 
  • The seal is easy to open: The hair care packaging is easy for the recipient to open with the tear perforation.
  • Sustainable e-commerce packaging for hair care cream: No adhesive tape is required to seal the package. As the e-commerce packaging is made from 100% corrugated cardboard, it is easy to recycle. 
  • Effective brand presentation: The first-class print quality of 1,200 dpi in digital printing on the external cover supports the unique unpacking experience, as the interplay of colours and images amazes the recipient. The design reflects the product’s African connections and origins. The coloured inner cover, which has been printed directly, provides the recipient with more brand information about the company Salwa Petersen and the hair care cream.
  • Special features of digital printing: No printing plates are required for digital printing, saving costs and time. Short-notice print image changes can be reacted to quickly. Digital printing also ensures full flexibility for product launches. It is also ideal for promotional and seasonal campaigns. Response capability and speed enable customisation and high colour quality.
  • Secondary use of packaging for hair care cream: Once unpacked, the e-commerce packaging can continue to be used as its fantastic design means it is suitable for use for many different occasions.

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