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The e-commerce industry is continuing to grow steadily and strongly. There is great potential in a market enjoying such considerable growth. Buy packaging for e-commerce and logistics at THIMM and profit from solutions for your industry: Product protection, intelligent packaging, the unpacking experience, reduction of shipping volume, cushioning solutions, packaging as a brand ambassador, temperature protection and much more. Inform yourself here about pakaging for e-commerce and logistics.

E-commerce-packaging: Provide the recipient with the unpacking experience

The first touch point when delivering goods to recipients is the packaging. E-commerce packaging represents your company and your brand from the first moment on. The customer also associates the quality of the content with this. Besides product production and advertising effectiveness, with the right e-commerce packaging you also have the possibility to offer your customers an unforgettable unpacking experience. This is because a customer is seldom more willing to absorb brand messages than in the emotional moment when he happily receives his product. Attention-getting and individual design, top class printing quality, sustainable materials or personal address make an impression on the recipient. Use e-commerce packaging for enduring customer loyalty and branding. Do you want to positively influence the expectations of your customers?

unpacking experience
Create unpacker experience for customers

Securely closing packages in the e-commerce sector

Secure closure for your shipping!

The e-commerce sector has become increasingly important over time and there is a lot of potential in a market with such considerable growth. It is therefore all the more important that the goods ordered arrive with the packaging intact and, above all, securely sealed at the end customer. To ensure this, THIMM offers various secure closure options for packaging. THIMM's packaging with security closure guarantees a secure initial opening and protects against plagiarism or tampering. Since the closure is visibly destroyed when the packaging is opened, the end customer can immediately see whether unauthorized third parties have gained access to the product.

You can find out more about our THIMM secureLock, THIMM parcelProof, THIMM Click&Safe closure types under Securely Closing Packaging | THIMM  

E-commerce packaging must be able to withstand the stresses of the entire logistics chain and permanently ensure sufficient stability and comprehensive product protection.

E-commerce packaging with product Fixation

You can send products safe and protected with integrated fixation in e-commerce packaging. Such innovative fixation functions of corrugated cardboard or multi-materials adapt flexibly and safely to your products. Thanks to their design, these can be variably used for different product sizes and shapes. This increases the material efficiency and the degree of volume usage of your e-commerce packaging, which in turn means cost savings for you.

E-commerce packaging with added value

Packaging in e-commerce offers outstanding possibilities for offering the recipient added value: a packaging design combined with an innovative design can be directly used multiple times. Commin examples of such multiple uses of e-commerce packaging are return or gift packages. Another use, for example, packaging as a shelf or as a toy, can be generated with clever packaging designs.

In order to create own added value, design can be used to create many printable surfaces. Advertising messages, measures for brand binding, contests and promotions, etc. can be placed on them.

Standardised e-commerce packaging and accessories that add value

In our KARTONARA® online shop you will find standardised e-commerce packaging for shipping as a parcel, small package, consignment or letter. This packaging is suitable for products of various sizes and shapes.
You can also purchase accessories that add value to e-commerce packaging online: these include, for example, bubble pack and air cushions, packing chips, packing blankets and wrapping tissue, adhesive tape and sealing materials.

Intelligent digital packaging in e-commerce

With microchips, electronic app-based codes or printed electronics, there are endless possibilities for making packaging intelligent and digital. For example, intelligent e-commerce packaging makes a gap-free track and trace of delivery chains in real time possible. Because each code is only available once, anti-tampering protection is also provided.
Or you can use e-commerce packaging to establish digital storytelling for effective customer address. In this way you can establish a unique and new digital world around your brand: from virtually expanded product simulations or links to similar or complementary products. Forwarding to digital communities offers possibilities for an intensive exchange of experience.

With digitalised e-commerce packaging, you create innovative differentiation and at the same time offer recipients unique added value:

  • The e-commerce packaging becomes a highlight
  • Provide target group-oriented, unique information and make products digitally experienceable
  • To process and communicate unlimited possibilities revolving around brand Information
  • Virtual perception is an essential factor influencing the intake and processing of Information
  • Simple and quick realisation of marketing strategies, cross-selling activities, communication of new products, etc.

E-commerce packaging for temperature control

Food, medical and pharmaceuticals products are temperature-sensitive. Temperature-controlled e-commerce packaging is suitable for ensuring the shipping of frozen and refrigerated products at stable temperatures:
In combination with cooling elements, such e-commerce packaging regulates temperatures during shipping. Combination with unrefrigerated products in the same e-commerce packaging is possible. E-commerce packaging offers individual temperature safety for your products over many hours.

Tests for e-commerce packaging

In order to simulate realistic conditions during shipping, tests also include the drop test for e-commerce packaging. This test simulates the free fall of e-commerce packaging on edges, corners and surfaces. To this purpose, the e-commerce packaging is filled with the products and dropped from a defined height.

There are transport simulations under climatic conditions to test braking processes and transshipment stresses. In the process, handling and shipping by truck, ship, rail or air are simulated with the e-commerce packaging. A so-called vertical vibration test provides information on the stresses on the e-commerce packaging and the product.

Digitally printed e-commerce packaging

E-commerce packaging is a central element of brand communication. It is part of brand staging, promotes brand retention and contributes to brand loyalty.

This makes e-commerce packaging a strong communications channel with the recipient. With an attractive packaging design in top printing quality, the packaging transports your brand and increases the value of your products.

Digital printing also offers you the best advantages for extracting the greatest potential from your e-commerce packaging:

  • Different packaging designs for individual series products
  • Total flexibility for product launches, test runs or seasonal campaigns
  • Unpacking experience and brand loyalty through personal customer address on the e-commerce packaging
  • Cost-effective even for small runs
  • Quick change of printing image with shorter delivery times in comparison with conventional printing processes
  • Security and anti-tampering features on the e-commerce packaging, which can be integrated into the printed image or be invisible upon request, protect against misuse
  • Through the use of water-based inks, digitally-printed, paper-based e-commerce packaging is ideally suited for FMCG industries (also food shipping)

The theme of "traceability" also plays an important role in e-commerce with regard to food. With the latest digital printing technology, invisible codes can be integrated into the printed image of the e-commerce packaging to this purpose. These provide a lot of information and offer many advantages:

  • Traceability of production, processing and sales steps
  • Identification of sources of disruption in the process chain
  • Quick and simple availability of information: Who is the supplier or recipient? What quantity does a package contain? What is contained in a package?
  • Systematic registration and sustainable documentation
  • In the case of recalls, food products can be identified more quickly and more targeted measures implemented
  • Gap-free traceability ensures transparency

Packaging solutions in e-commerce & logistics