Corrugated board edge protectors

Sustainable protection solution for door transport
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Corrugated board edge protectors

Door edge protection made of hard-wearing corrugated cardboard

Corrugated board edge protectors

Protection during the entire logistics and storage process

To protect doors during transport, THIMM has developed a sustainable solution made of corrugated board: The door edge protector made of hard-wearing five-ply corrugated board perfectly protects doors during the entire logistics process and storage. In addition, the sustainable door edge protector is printed with water-based ink, ensuring brand visibility throughout the logistics and transport chain.

  • 100% recyclable

    All corrugated cardboard packaging is fully recyclable – an ideal circular product.

  • Customised design

    Our printing technologies open up countless design possibilities for you.

  • Transportation protection

    This packaging protects your products securely during transportation.

Corrugated board edge protectors

The corrugated cardboard door edge protector completely replaces, for example, polystyrene corners, which are usually used to protect doors during transport but are difficult to recycle. Corrugated cardboard is made from renewable raw materials and is completely recyclable.

In addition to sustainability, the door edge protector also brings savings in the logistics and storage process: the door edge protector is transported flat and therefore many more products fit on one pallet in terms of quantity than with the polystyrene variant. By using this sustainable door edge protection, the logistics and storage costs for the customer Solodoor could be reduced by up to 60 %. Larger quantities transported on the pallet also leave a smaller carbon footprint, which is another big advantage for sustainability.

Advantages of the door edge protector:

  • The door edge protector is made of durable corrugated cardboard and offers perfect protection throughout the logistics and storage process.
  • The door edge protector highlights the packaged product and appeals to customers with an attractive print using water-based ink.
  • A sustainable alternative to polystyrene corners, which are difficult to recycle.
  • The door edge protector is transported flat, saving logistics and storage space and the associated costs.
  • The construction of the door edge protector is easy to fold.

Ecological aspects of the door edge protection

  • Corrugated cardboard is a sustainable and 100% recyclable material.
  • After unpacking the door, the end user can very easily dispose of the door edge protector in the waste paper.
  • Water-based inks were used for the printing.
  • The door edge protector saves logistics and storage space, as a larger number of protective corners can be transported on one pallet.
  • A larger transport quantity on one pallet leaves a smaller CO2 footprint.

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