Shipping packaging for multiple use

"THIMM Flip-Pack": surprisingly versatile
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Shipping packaging for multiple use

Environmentally friendly and award-winning: THIMM Flip-Pack reusable packaging

Shipping packaging for multiple use

More than just corrugated cardboard shipping packaging

Shipping packaging must offer sufficient stability and extensive protection for the product to be transported. It is well known that shipping packaging made of corrugated board is particularly suitable for this purpose.

The THIMM Flip-Pack is more than just a functional shipping packaging made of corrugated board: With differently printed outer and inner sides, the shipping packaging offers the advantage of multiple use. With high-quality printed images, the shipping packaging is particularly suitable as an advertising ambassador. With an appealing design, the shipping packaging offers the recipient clear added value. For example, it can be reused as gift packaging or a shoe box for private use, or it can be used directly as returns packaging in the mail order business. This protects the environment and saves resources!

The THIMM Flip-Pack shipping packaging is the winner of the Promotional Gift Award 2013 and Best Packaging 2013!

  • Sustainable packaging

    Corrugated cardboard consists entirely of renewable raw materials.

  • Customised design

    Our printing technologies open up countless design possibilities for you.

  • Flexible designs

    In digital printing your print image can be modified flexibly if required.

  • Customised internal printing

    Very popular for personalised customer contact or as an advertising space for promotions.

  • Award-winning

    This packaging won a competition because of its properties.

  • Consulting

    Receive a personal consultation – we will find your best packaging.

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