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#Christmas reloaded. Christmas is the time of the year when we all think about packing and sending Christmas gifts to bring joy to our friends and family. Because Christmas often comes round faster than we think we would like to take this opportunity to present a selection of our festive Christmas shipping and gift packaging with their fantastic motifs. For both retail outlets and online channels we offer attractive and individualised gift packaging for creative gift ideas for Christmas with which you can transform your Christmas festivities into a real experience and package your products magnificently.

Sending festive gift packaging for Christmas

Online retailing is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. The number of consignments shipped by courier, express and package services has more than doubled over the last few years. Added to this is the increased and seasonal business focused around Christmas. The development of the booming e-commerce sector very impressively demonstrates the huge packaging potential of this e-commerce market for THIMM. This is because goods, of whatever type, continue to be shipped in corrugated cardboard.

The volume of packages in circulation has multiplied and now gives manufacturers and dealers the opportunity to use their shipping packaging as a brand ambassador and information medium for their products. A boring brown shipping package is now a thing of the past. Maximise the full potential of your shipping packaging and from now on not only transport your products but also your brand values and emotions at Christmas. With festive motifs, customised designs, focused customer targeting and an effective Christmas design of the shipping packaging, you will be supporting the unboxing experience of your customers at Christmas and bringing your product to life.

Be inspired by a selection of Christmas-inspired shipping packaging designs.

Digitally-printed shipping packaging in a festive design for Christmas with fantastic motifs

HelloFresh ships Food Boxes with delicious and healthy dishes that customers can easily cook at home and conveniently order online. Together with HelloFresh, THIMM has developed digitally printed shipping packaging for Christmas customised specifically to reflect the festive Christmas menus. With its high-impact and high-quality print imaging, the digitally-printed shipping packaging in the festive Christmas design not only serves as a transportation medium for the healthy food, but also conveys the company's brand identity.

Take advantage of the benefits of state-of-the-art digital printing with ThimmColor® digital. These include effective brand presentations with first-class print quality, total flexibility for product launches and seasonal campaigns, exclusivity through limited test runs and support of the unboxing experience with direct customer targeting. Exploit the potential of your shipping packaging for more topicality and for Christmas promotions and inspire your customers with festive shipping packaging and Christmas motifs.

Find out more about our joint Top Story with HelloFresh and the digitally-printed shipping packaging for Christmas.

Innovative shipping packaging ""THIMM Flip-Pack"": Surprisingly diverse Christmas shipping packaging.

Shipping packaging not only meets communications requirements but also functional ones. During shipment, shipping packaging must provide both sufficient stability and comprehensive protection for the product to be transported. This is especially true when it comes to seasonal Christmas business. Of particular suitability in this regard are those shipping packages made from corrugated cardboard as they can be customised to specific product sizes. Since different print images can be printed on the outside and inside, the innovative shipping packaging, THIMM Flip-Pack, can be used twice by the user. The shipping packaging can be turned over enabling it to be reused, saving resources and the environment in the process. With its multiple reuse option, the shipping packaging offers considerable added value to the recipient. The recipient can reuse the packaging after turning it, depending on its layout and design, as gift packaging for Christmas or as return packaging. The patented shipping packaging with its turning function is extremely well suited for use as a brand ambassador at a Christmas party or for other festive occasions such as promotional campaigns.

Find out more about here about THIMM Flip-Pack shipping packaging for Christmas.

Secure and tamper-proof online shipping for Christmas with secure packaging and a tamper-proof lock.

The shipping packaging “THIMM secureLock” provides optimum product protection and is particularly well suited for products where their quality and high-value is emphasised with a tamper-proof lock. Around Christmas senders often ship high-value products and they want to ensure are received intact as a gift for Christmas. The seal lock guarantees the seal during transportation in the seasonal Christmas business and the recipient can then recognise the intactness of the packaging by the seal. Find out more here about THIMM secureLock secure packaging with a tamper-proof lock. The Swiss start-up yamo has also been inspired by the functional benefits of the secure packaging with the tamper-proof lock. Through a joint packaging development we achieved a successful result which you can read more about here as the Top Story.

As an option it also has an integrated product fixing mechanism made from corrugated cardboard. The effective production is made 100 percent of corrugated board and is thereby a more sustainable alternative to external packaging materials.

Sending festive gift packaging for Christmas

The festive design of gift packaging is extremely important for Christmas trading. Consumers often expect to be able to order the product together with ready-made festive gift packaging – and even better if it is in a customised design. THIMM DressBox shipping packaging meets these requirements. The big surface-area for target-group specific communications offers many different design and print options for strong brand loyalty and storytelling for Christmas.

Find out more here about festive shipping packaging with a secondary use as gift packaging.

Christmas gift packaging for mail order with a surprise effect

At Christmas do you want to ship products in Christmas-inspired and high-quality gift packaging that also protects products during transportation? If you do then the gift packaging THIMM Surprise with its product fixing mechanism provides optimum protection for your products during transportation. The distinctive features of the gift packaging for e-commerce is that it can be printed on both the inside and the outside along with the attractive presentation which supports the surprise effect. The gift packaging for seasonal promotional campaigns for Christmas offers large advertising spaces and a wide range of print options for attractive and festive Christmas designs with fantastic motifs.

Generate Christmas enthusiasm with promotional packaging

What would Christmas be without promotional items and campaign sets? The Christmas period is one of the most important and dynamic periods of the year for the retail sector. Millions of people think about sending appropriate gifts to their loved ones that they would enjoy. This translates into huge sales potential for the retail sector in a very short period. This involves appealing to your target groups, reaching as many consumer segments as possible in order to obtain maximum market presence and differentiating yourself in the competitive environment. Attractive Christmas promotional items give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, to stage your products and brand with high-impact at the point-of-sale and thus to increase sales.

Below we give you an overview of festive promotional packaging and Christmas-inspired designs which you can use in different ways to cover the customer touchpoints in your target group.

Storytelling at Christmas with an environmentally-friendly corrugated board charging bag

Easy, chic and practical! At Christmas demand increases for products and promotional items. Gift items at Christmas should not only be visually inspiring but also have a long-term practical benefit.

Plug in, connect and charge with the THIMM Smartphone Bag. The environmentally-friendly corrugated cardboard charging bag is an ideal Christmas promotional item because its two-sided printing creates a big advertising area and huge communications potential for Christmas storytelling. From unique design possibilities and customisations through to high-impact and unique designs with Christmas motifs, you can create promotional items with THIMM and inspire your customers during the Christmas festivities. The environmentally-friendly corrugated cardboard charging bag can be used with all common smartphones, ensures effective protection during charging and is always ready for use. This Christmas-inspired promotional item enables you to reach users of all Smartphone brands and to inspire them with the environmentally-friendly corrugated board charging bag with its festive design.

Festive Christmas songs ring out today from the cardboard sound amplifier

Let those traditional and festive Christmas songs ring out from the cardboard sound amplifier and experience its optimum sound quality. The cardboard sound amplifier can be transported flat-packed and easily assembled at the place of use and very importantly the cardboard sound amplifier can be used with all common smartphones. Enjoy the benefit of dispensing with power, batteries, Bluetooth and a WLAN connection. You can even customise the printing to have a Christmas-inspired design and festive motifs. You can also market the cardboard sound amplifier as an additional promotional item for Christmas or New Year or for other festive occasions.

Innovative carrying sleeve for your Christmas promotion and eye-catching product display

Christmas-inspired promotional packaging is ideally suited for promotional goods, campaigns and for marketing product ranges. The material-saving design ensures a high visibility for your products so that you can set the stage for your product with this Christmas-inspired promotional packaging and your brand at the point-of-sale. The consumer brand experience is enhanced through the haptic experience with the products. The full-surface printing possibilities for Christmas offer an optimum advertising surface for storytelling and an attractive Christmas design with festive motifs.

THIMM Multipack | box is part of the THIMM Multipack family which also includes our product variants THIMM Multipack Gift Packaging and THIMM Multipack | gift. Christmas gift packages are ideal promotional packaging for highlighting products as they have big printing surfaces for a festive Advent design with Christmas-inspired motifs.

A Christmas-inspired corrugated cardboard carry case for use as promotional packaging for your product

Be inspired by festive carrying comfort in a range of sizes. A corrugated cardboard carry case not only offers the best possible packaging protection for your product but is also ideal for use as Christmas promotional packaging for your product. The entire surface of the corrugated cardboard carry case can be used for customised design and printing to create attractive storytelling for target-group oriented communication. Find out more about the benefits of the corrugated cardboard carry case.

A Christmas-inspired stool as a decorative item with customised designs

Christmas is a festive occasion with huge and varied potential for promotional campaigns. You can use the THIMM-Stools in many different ways to support your campaigns or as a pure decorative element at your Christmas party. The corrugated cardboard box is produced using digital printing and gleams in high-quality colours at Christmas to match your own design.

A festive advent calendar for the pre-Christmas period

Christmas without an Advent calendar? Hard to imagine... We all remember these from our childhood - the little sweet surprises every day from 1 to 24 December. With additional promotional items to complement the existing product range, you now have the option to give your brand a higher presence in the market at Christmas, to increase awareness at the point-of-sale and generate additional revenue. In the run-up to Christmas festive Advent calendars can be marketed to every target group using different distribution channels – from the online shop and food retail outlets through drug stores, health food stores and pharmacies.

THIMM not only offers festive promotional packaging for Christmas with high-quality printed images but also works closely with you from the development and assembly through to quality control. You deliver your products to us for assembly. We then arrange them according to your specifications, inspect them and approve them for shipment.

For the festival of love package emotions into smart solutions with inspiring packaging solutions from THMM.

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