Sustainable Production


Sustainable solutions, sustainably produced. Corporate responsibility and economic success are firmly interlinked at THIMM. This enables us to provide the best solutions for those customers who have increased requirements in terms of sustainability. As a responsible family business, we are always thinking of the future, taking future generations into account and acting sustainably in the process. In doing so, we always act sustainably. 

Sustainable production in all THIMM plants is an important cornerstone in our sustainability vision. We are investing in new technologies to reinforce our innovation. This also benefits our customers. We deploy resources responsibly, sustainably and transparently in the circular economy. In doing so, we consolidate our sustainable actions because we want to continue to be a responsible partner for our customers. 

We implement all our sustainable production measures group-wide. Our objective is to integrate a high level of innovation and technology into all THIMM sites. In the course of global industrial change processes, we constantly monitor the configuration of our sustainable production. And this is because we not only want to reinforce the competitiveness of our family business, but also expand it.

Sustainable production with climate-neutral green electricity

At THIMM we are committed to renewable energy sources for our sustainable production. A sustainable use of resources is one of the most important objectives in our sustainability strategy. Through this new energy plan we want to further optimise the energy efficiency of the entire THIMM Group and make our production even more sustainable.

This is why from 2021 we will be converting to 100% green electricity according to regional availability! This will make the sustainable solutions we develop for the packaging and distribution of goods even more sustainable. They are produced sustainably in our plants that use climate-neutral energy.

By switching to sustainable green electricity in 2021, we will be reducing our future CO2 emissions by more than 30%. 54.35 million kWh of electricity were used throughout THIMM Group in 2019. Through using environmental green electricity for sustainable production, we will save around 19,131 t of CO2 per year. 

The green electricity purchased by us for the sustainable production of packaging, displays and preprint is certified in accordance with the TÜV Süd EE standard recognised throughout Europe and registered in the German national register of guarantees of origin (HKNR). The green electricity comes 100% from European hydroelectric power plants with state-of-the-art environmental standards. Depending on regional availability, the green electricity for the German sites will be sourced from hydroelectric power plants. Unlike conventional energy sources, renewable energies do not generate CO₂emissions nor nuclear waste.

The switch to renewable energies for our sustainable production at THIMM sites is therefore another contribution to climate protection.

Our production sites in France, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania are planning the conversion via the local power suppliers, who will then provide the necessary labels for thegreen electricity certificates.

Switching from grey electricity to green electricity is the next logical step in our sustainable production: Energy management in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard was introduced in the first THIMM sites back in 2013. Since then, the production plants have been continuously improving their energy-related performance. 

We recommend that the solutions produced sustainably with our green electricity are marked with theseal:

“Sustainable solutions produced by THIMM with certified green electricity”

This makes it clear at a glance that renewable energies were used in the production and that this is a sustainable solution produced through sustainable production. We are sending a powerful signal to our end-consumers as a means of increasing overall sustainability awareness. 


More information about sustainable production and technology at THIMM can be found in our current Sustainability Report. 



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