Would you like to see at a glance that the packaging or display for your products is sustainable? Then use an eco-label! Our customers can use generally recognised eco-labels on the packaging we produce. The use of eco-labels is therefore effective in demonstrating and emphasising sustainability. We apply the relevant symbol (eco-label) to your packaging (e.g. by printing or laser), in order to give your consumers a clear signal that the packaging used is sustainable.  

Many eco-labels are currently used on the market. Not all are validated by certified organisations. Some have evolved creatively and do not guarantee any ecological raw material, material or recycling properties.  As regards our solutions and the materials used in them we are able to verify the properties that have been officially validated and controlled by the relevant organisations. All the eco-labels we use are internationally understandable.

We would be happy to advise you on which eco-label is suitable for your solution in order to differentiate your products on the market and make the sustainability of your packaging visible at a glance. 

Eco-label: Recycling Symbol 

  • This is a well-known, well-established and frequently used eco-label.
  • It is a voluntary label. 
  • This eco-label is not associated with a specific product quality.
  • Also known as the “Möbius strip”, it symbolises the recyclability of the packaging.  

Eco-label: Recycling Code PAP 20

  • This eco-label specifies which materials have been used to create the product packaging.
  • The relevant codes for the respective materials are anchored in the German Packaging Act. The code PAP 20 in the eco-label represents the material corrugated cardboard.
  • Using this eco-label makes it easier to recycle packaging. End-users of the packaging can quickly identify the respective material (corrugated cardboard) and then sort it appropriately.
  • This labelling is voluntary and is not associated with any specific product quality.

Eco-label: RESY

  • This eco-label symbolises the guaranteed disposal and material recycling of all transportation packaging and outer packaging made of paper and cardboard labelled with the RESY symbol.
  • When the RESY label is applied the requirements of the German Packaging Act for transportation packaging are fulfilled.
  • Usage authorisations are required in order to use this eco-label.
  • The RESY label is always applied to packaging in combination with its own identification number. 

Eco-label: Sustainable corrugated cardboard

  • This eco-label was introduced by the VDW (German Corrugated Cardboard Industry Association) and all affiliated manufacturers and users of corrugated cardboard packaging can use this eco-label without a licence.
  • The logo highlights the ecological benefits of the packaging material: “packaging made from corrugated cardboard: renewable raw materials, complete recycling.” 
  • The aim of this eco-label is to draw the consumer's attention to the fact that corrugated cardboard has a natural origin and can be disposed of after use with a clear conscience. Packaging made from corrugated cardboard can be 100% recycled via the waste paper recycling cycle.
  • This eco-label is available in several language versions.

Eco-label: FSC®-certified  

  • This eco-label is one of the best known and most popular eco-labels among consumers for products originating from responsible forestry.
  • The FSC®-label refers only to product or packaging components that originate from forestry. 
  • Only certified companies are allowed to label their end products made of FSC®-materials with the respective label.
  • The FSC® Mix eco-label is used for packaging consisting of materials both made from FSC®-certified forests and/or recycled material, as well as material from controlled sources. This is either used as a minimum of 70% or a minimum equivalent quantity is used in the production process to produce the labelled goods.
  • At THIMM we use 99.1% FSC®-certified papers for the production of corrugated cardboard (as of 2019).

You want to make sustainability of a packaging or a display visible?

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Take advantage of the established eco-labels. We will be happy to advise you which symbol is the right solution for you. We can print or laser the appropriate eco-label for you. Sustainable solutions are thus recognized at first glance.

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