Corporate Responsibility


Corporate responsibility (CR) and therefore also sustainability are very familiar issues to us. As a third-generation family business, far-sighted action and holistic thinking have been important to us from the very outset – and continue to shape us today. Our aim is to be a reliable and responsible partner to our customers, employees and suppliers, as well as to our environment.

Sustainable Corrugated Cardboard

We have been manufacturing large, small, specialist and standardised packaging and displays for more than 70 years. In 2019, the proportion of packaging solutions made entirely from corrugated cardboard accounted for almost 90 % of total production. This means we have always been closely connected with the issue of ecology because the natural and renewable raw material for our corrugated cardboard is paper. Paper originates from forests which have a decisive role to play in shaping our climate. We use almost 100 % FSC® certified paper: The wood comes from forests that are managed responsibly.

Economy, Ecology and Society

Since 2014, we have been guided by the classic three pillars of sustainability which have now become established in the national and international environment, namely: Economy, Ecology and Society. In 2020 in our CR-Vision we stated that our aim is to

  • Generate long-term profits (economy)
  • Use resources efficiently (ecology) and
  • Be a desirable employer in an attractive environment (society).

We are convinced that we will only succeed in this vision if all three areas are in harmony with each other. To this end, we continuously scrutinise and review our processes, management systems and compliance. We also actively follow current developments at political, legal and social level in relation to the comprehensive field of sustainability.

As a family business, respectful treatment in our daily cooperation with colleagues and business partners is particularly important to us. In particular, we are committed to respecting and promoting human rights and the right to collective agreements, and to promoting diversity and equal opportunities. We have drawn up a policy statement on respect for human rights, which you can view on this page. 

Our CR measures and tools

Our sustainability reports are important information and communication tools. We published the first report in 2014, followed by further reports in in 2016 and 2020 along with a Key Figure Update in 2019. Our objective in these reports is to report transparently on our strategy, our key objectives and the measures derived from them for the years ahead.

The following pages contain information about our sustainable and, if requested, climate-neutral packaging solutions, the conversion of our sites to renewable energies, our Codes of Conduct for employees and suppliers and much more.