Trays made from corrugated cardboard are classed as die-cut packaging. Tray packaging is ideally suited for transportation and merchandise displays in retail outlets. Trays are designed to be suitable for manual, semi-automated and automated packaging lines. Trays are often also known as cartons.

Trays made from corrugated cardboard are sustainable and stable die-cut packaging. The ultimate benefit of trays is that the tray height can be adapted to any height required. This depends on whether the packaged products are self-supporting (e.g. drinks cans) or non-supporting (e.g. crisp packets). Retail outlets frequently use flat-trays, trays with a stacking edge, L-Trays and high-trays.

Trays with stacking corners

The focus of this tray with integrated stacking corners (so-called suspension supports) is product protection. The tray is a mechanical packaging unit and can save up to 15 percent of packaging material in comparison to standard packaging. Therefore you are not only operating more sustainably but this tray is also saving you material costs. Furthermore, the trays can be processed with existing packaging technology.

Trays with print

Customised printing on trays is used for sales promotion and brand communication in retail outlets. Take advantage of outstanding possibilities for positioning your brand. At the tray manufacturer THIMM a range of different printing technologies are used for this. Depending on your products we always recommend the ideal printing process for your trays. This means you always receive the best possible price-performance ratio.

Yoghurt trays

Trays for yoghurts and other dairy products are often also known as yoghurt trays or yoghurt cartons. Both single-type and mixed tubs can be placed in these trays. The trays are placed in the chiller cabinet making them easy to arrange on the shelf. The customised printing of the trays is also an outstanding tool for sales promotion and orientation on a full shelf. The yoghurt trays also make it easy for consumers to pick up the products.

Tray with an integrated step

Trays with an integrated step are ideal for an optimum presentation over two levels. This is a one-piece tray made from corrugated cardboard for batteries. The material-saving tray is 100 percent recyclable. The batteries are nested inside the tray which ensures the highest possible degree of volume utilisation. The closed sides mean the tray is stable and secure to transport. In retail outlets the tray can be easily broken up using the perforations which ensures an attractive presentation on the shelf or sales counter.

Our packaging developers will be pleased to design a tray for your products. Please just ask us, with no obligation. We look forward to your enquiry!

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