Practical, eco-friendly storage for organic biscuits


Organic bakery Biopekárna Zemanka is a Czech producer of sweet organic biscuits and salted organic crackers. It was founded in 2006 in the small village of Oříkov, near Sedlčany. All products from Biopekárna Zemanka are baked to their own original recipes and are prepared with enthusiasm – so not only are they of high quality, they taste really great as well. The biscuits and crackers from Biopekárna Zemanka are labelled as organic as the ingredients used to prepare them come from controlled organic farming and they contain no artificial hydrogenated fats, refined white sugar, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings. Focus on customers is clear in the development of the recipes, which are designed to meet the requirements of a variety of consumers. They take into account customers on gluten-free diets, mothers with young children – in fact, everyone who wants healthier food while also caring for our environment. More than 180 tonnes of products are made each year and exported to 11 countries all over Europe. These products are sold online, at health food shops and by retail chains, as well as in the company’s own e-shop.

At first glance, it would seem that Biopekárna Zemanka and THIMM pack‘n’display are very different companies, as Biopekárna Zemanka is set up for manual production while THIMM pack‘n’display production is fully automated. However, on closer inspection it is obvious that the two companies’ values mostly overlap. They both maintain a sustainable approach to business, passion for their specialist fields and a strong customer-oriented approach. And last but not least, both companies pride themselves on being family-run businesses – and this greatly facilitated communication between the two.

The cooperation of these two companies resulted in success as early as 2018, with the creation of the Tasting mini-display, which won the 2018 Packaging of the Year award (Obal roku 2018). More information about the mini-display can be viewed here.

When organic bakery Biopekárna Zemanka decided to respond to the increasing trend for packaging-free products, they contacted THIMM because of previous excellent cooperation. THIMM professionals threw themselves into the design task with enthusiasm and quickly presented the first prototype of their practical, eco-friendly storage. This collaboration has resulted in adaptable, digitally printed packaging that is 100% recyclable and offers retailers practical applications, as well as expansion of their customer portfolios, as interest in packaging-free sales continues to grow.

This practical, eco-friendly biscuit storage is made up of two parts: a replaceable inner container made from foodWave® corrugated cardboard that is designed for direct contact with food, and an outer shell designed for long-term use at the point of sale. The shell is printed digitally, which makes it possible to react quickly and at no extra cost to seasonal campaigns or new flavours, or simply to take into account end-customers’ needs. Moreover, stacking noses and high-quality materials allow retailers to use the available space efficiently, and they can use either one or any number of storage boxes according to their own options and preferences.

Winning the 2019 Packaging of the Year (Obal roku 2019) award is proof positive that this practical, eco-friendly storage for biscuits is perfectly designed and has a timeless quality. More information about this storage for biscuits can be viewed here.

Blanka Pacovská, Sales Manager at Biopekárna Zemanka, had this to say about the collaboration of the two companies.
“When we noticed a growing interest in the developing packaging-free trend that coincided with our sustainable approach to business, we got in touch with THIMM’s designers and asked them to come up with practical and fully recyclable packaging for our products. They responded to all our requirements helpfully and professionally, and developed a unique storage box really quickly.”

  • The practical, eco-friendly storage for biscuits is made from 100% recyclable corrugated board
  • The inner container of the practical, eco-friendly storage is made of foodWave® corrugated board, which is designed for direct contact with food.
  • The two-part design of this practical, eco-friendly storage allows the inner container to be replaced
  • The outer shell is designed for long-term use at the point of sale
  • Individual storage shells are printed digitally, which makes it possible to react quickly and easily to seasonal campaigns, for instance
  • Stacking noses allow for efficient use of space