Climate-neutral packaging for clothing – new standard shipping packaging for MADELEINE


The anticipation when the postman rings your doorbell and you can finally wrap your arms around your long-awaited parcel. The noticeable tingling sensation in your fingertips and the joyful feeling when you can finally hold the new garment in your hands. This is a situation that everyone has probably experienced. But what about sustainability? The fashion label MADELEINE is opting for climate-neutral shipping- packaging from THIMM and thus supporting climate protection.


For over 40 years, the fashion company MADELEINE has been accompanying women in all situations of life and has repeatedly surprised its customers with exclusive and exciting fashion collections. The high quality and attention to detail make MADELEINE the perfect companion for any occasion. In addition to the passion for confident and elegant fashion, climate protection is a major part of MADELEINE's clear and ambitious sustainability goals. The fashion company has been climate-neutral since October 2021. To this end, MADELEINE has defined comprehensive measures for CO2-reduction and is offsetting the remaining CO2 -emissions through an internationally recognised climate protection project


Focus on sustainability: Climate-neutral and environmentally friendly packaging of clothing

Strong, confident women with a clear goal in mind and a love of elegance and style – these are MADELEINE's customers, and the shipping- packaging should also embody these attributes.

The use of packaging made of robust F-Flute in combination with a sturdy construction ensures that the popular clothing items ordered find their way safely into customers' arms. In addition, the F-Flute has a lower material thickness than other types of corrugated cardboard, which can save logistics- and transport costs. Thanks to the new white MADELEINE- logo on the undyed box, the packaging with the powerful contrast of white lettering on a brown background optimally embodies the elegant style of MADELEINE and supports the brand presence.

Only when the order fits perfectly are the customers completely satisfied – this applies not only to the packaged clothing, but also to the packaging. Thanks to the six different size variations, each order can be precisely packaged, thus reducing unused space in the packaging and the number of shipments, and promoting sustainability. To support climate protection and the environment, MADELEINE also opts for climate-neutral packaging.

Different packaging sizes for women's fashion
Safe and sustainable packaging for women's fashion. (Photo @MADELEINE)

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Climate protection and sustainability are becoming increasingly important for consumers. Whether 100% recyclable or even climate-neutral - with THIMM, you have the right partner for sustainability at your side! Please contact us directly!

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Dr Heike Holschuh, CPO of MADELEINE Mode GmbH, on the result and the collaboration:

"As a company that pays particular attention to ensuring a high standard of quality in the selection of raw materials and the manufacturing of our products, the stability of the packaging and sustainability aspects were crucial for us. In close cooperation with THIMM, we were able to design packaging that fits our brand in terms of style on the one hand and takes into account our stability and climate neutrality requirements on the other. All in all, we are more than satisfied with the appealing packaging that we have been able to develop together!"

THIMM has accompanied the packaging creation from the consultancy phase through to production:

"Together, we have succeeded in designing attractive packaging that is not only impressive visually, but also in terms of functionality, and is perfectly suited for shipping. By using innovative F-Flute and the "climate-neutral" label, the packaging is a true pioneer for the e-commerce industry. We firmly believe that the future lies in climate protection and are very happy that we were able to go down this path together with MADELEINE."

Cardboard boxes for the packaging of clothing – the special features:

  • Perfect protection during shipping: The robust design and sustainable use of corrugated cardboard ensure that the goods reach the customer undamaged.   
  • Use of F-Flute: Thanks to the use of F-Flute, the packaging has similar properties to solid cardboard, but has a higher degree of stability with the same grammage, ensuring that the clothing ordered can be packaged safely. In addition, transport- and logistics advantages can be realised, as the F-Flute has a lower material thickness compared to other flute types. Thanks to the flatter surface, the packaging can be printed in brilliant quality and stands out from the crowd.
  • Climate-neutral packaging: Unavoidable CO2 -emissions are generated from production to delivery of the packaging. Working with ClimatePartner, these emissions can be offset by investing in climate protection projects, making the packaging climate-neutral. In addition, the offsetting of emissions can be tracked at any time via an associated ID-number and costs less than one percent of the packaging price on average. Due to the increasing importance of sustainability, the use of climate-neutral packaging is a clear advantage in marketing. 
  • Fast setup: Thanks to the glued assembly cuff, the packaging can be set up quickly and easily, so that ordered clothing can be packaged as quickly as possible.
  • Recycling made easy: The cardboard boxes for the environmentally friendly packaging of clothing are made from 100% sustainable corrugated cardboard and can be easily disposed of in waste paper. This makes it part of the valuable recycling loop.