Boxes for e-shops: Packaging that makes deliveries exciting!


Boxes used by e-shops in the Czech Republic leave a lot to be desired in comparison to foreign ones. In the best case, the only function of the packaging is to protect goods during transport. The importance of your packages supporting your brand image and making a great first impression cannot be overstated. Demand more from your boxes! If you run an e-shop, your boxes are the first thing the consumer actually handles. That is why they should be given highest priority. A rare exception on the Czech market is the e-shop called (Happy Dog), which takes full advantage of the marketing potential of its packaging when sending goods to its customers. is one of the largest e-shops for dog breeders in the Czech Republic. It specialises in the sale of quality food and sundries, mostly for dogs and cats. It was one of the first e-shops on the Czech market to take a customer-first approach. It offers customers merchandise in corrugated cardboard packaging that takes full advantage of the marketing potential of the packaging. e-shop customers are so excited by the doghouse-shaped boxes that they take pictures of their pets in them and share them on social media and talk about the brand. The corrugated cardboard boxes helped to create a community of e-shop fans. The e-shop needs to deliver its goods in boxes - and instead of generic packaging they use unique boxes that have become a way to support the brand and foster a strong emotional relationship between the e-shop and its customers.

The e-shop box also received international awards!

The e-shop box received awards in both the national 2016 Packaging competition and in the worldwide 2017 WorldStar for Packaging competition. The trophy was handed over and the success everyone helped to achieve was celebrated at the THIMM Packaging plant in Všetaty.

Tomáš Haškovec, Marketing Director for

„I'm always more confident with such a great partner at my back."


An e-shop box design that will get consumers excited!

At first glance, it is easy to see how a standard rectangular box with flaps can be transformed into a doghouse after it has been unpacked. Delivering shipments becomes an experience, thanks to the unique design from THIMM Packaging. The e-shop's customers like the boxes and their unique added value so much that they share their positive impressions on social media and a very active community of fans has sprung up on Facebook, which is helping to spread the positive image of, all thanks to their box.

Digital printing allows for personalised motifs on boxes delivered to customers e-shop boxes are manufactured with flexographic printing as standard. For limited editions, also uses digital printing, which THIMM is also able to offer. One of the e-shop's promotions uses boxes with the customer's first names and a bouquet printed on them, which uses to thank customers for their patronage. The e-shop unexpectedly - and pleasantly - surprised its customers with its packaging.

The advantages of digitally printing packaging for e-shops:

  • Zero cost for printing blocks when digitally printing packaging
  • The ability to quickly change print motifs on digitally printed packages
  • Different print motifs for different production series
  • Targeted addressing of customers who prefer regional products directly on digitally printed packages
  • Water-based inks for indirect contact with food

The e-shop box was designed by the customer himself

Given the success that the doghouse-shaped boxes had with customers, decided to involve its customers even further in this project. invited its customers to come up with a new design for the box's print motif. A limited edition of the doghouse was produced with the winning print designed by Lenka Chotěnovská, an enthusiastic e-shop customer.

The designer of the new print motif for the packaging was there, along with e-shop management, when this limited series was produced at the THIMM Packaging plant in Všetaty, giving her the opportunity to hold the first one ever produced in her own hands. e-shop box with motif designed by an e-shop customer.
Production of boxes at THIMM Packaging for the e-shop, with a motif by customer-turned-designer Lenka Chotěnovská.