“WRAPandCOOL” insulating cool box for food products

04.06.2020 Innovation meets sustainability The cool box with integrated "WRAPandCOOL" insulating elements for easy2cool is an e-commerce solution which enables the temperature-controlled shipment of refrigerated or deep-frozen products in a sustainable shipping box. THIMM has produced the corrugated cardboard-box which easy2cool sells as a comprehensive insulating box including the insulating- and cooling elements.
Insulating cool box for shipping temperature-controlled products

In combination with the easy2cool insulation materials and cooling elements, the corrugated cardboard box meets the significant requirements for the secure transportation of temperature-sensitive products such as medical products and food.- Along the entire shipping process, the insulating box made from corrugated cardboard guarantees effective insulation and a constant refrigeration for temperature-sensitive products for the duration of the shipping process. Integrated “paperfloc” insulation mats along with the ""easyAkku” water-based cooling elements from easy2cool, the cool box ensures the correct intensity and duration of the product cooling throughout the transportation process. Dry ice also controls the duration and intensity of the refrigeration of deep-frozen products up to -18 degrees. The multi-part cool box for e-commerce ensures the reliable shipment of refrigerated products under 7 degrees and of deep-frozen products up to -18 degrees for up to 48 hours.- To create an attractive packaging design the insulating box can be printed individually with state-of-the-art digital printing technology to increase the brand- and unpacking experience. One design feature of the insulating box is that the base and the lid of the sustainable insulating box have the same design making it faster and easier to assemble. Consisting of over 97% paper, the insulating box is therefore a more environmental alternative to insulation packaging made from plastic or polystyrene. The end-customer can easily dispose of the environmental insulating box with waste paper.

You can find more information about the insulating cool box “WRAPandCOOL” here.

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