THIMM in an interview with the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bevh) on sustainable food packaging

22.07.2020 In an interview with the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bevh) THIMM discusses the trend for online ordering in the food sector and the important role played by packaging in this.
Heat-resistant and greaseproof meal tray and insulating cool box as sustainable food packaging.

The bevh is an amalgamation of online and mail order retailers and also service providers from a range of different sectors. The bevh acts as an important contact partner for media, politics, business, institutions and market players in the big e-commerce sector. The bevh team includes experts who are politically involved in designing the framework conditions for the e-commerce sector.

Plastic packaging is on everyone’s lips and has become an issue covered daily in the media. The call for ecological alternatives to plastic is getting louder and louder. This has therefore led to an increase in demand for sustainable food packaging. The sustainability aspect of packaging has now become a purchasing criterion for customers. Retailers are also increasingly committed to using environmentally-friendly food packaging.

THIMM recognised this trend and has designed innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for food products. One example of environmentally-friendly food packaging developed by THIMM is the “WRAPandCOOLinsulating cool box made from corrugated cardboard. The cool box is suitable for transporting refrigerated or frozen food products. In addition to the insulating cool box THIMM also markets a further innovative and environmentally-friendly food packaging solution called “THIMM Click4Menu”. The heat-resistant and greaseproof meal tray for food products is ideally suited for take away meals. What is special here is that hot meals can be heated in the meal tray both in the microwave and the oven.

THIMM has developed the new DIN SPEC 91360 in conjunction with representatives from the various sectors, test institutes and associations. This DIN SPEC stands for a “temperature concept for shipping goods that require refrigeration and goods that do not require refrigeration in the online food business”.

You can read the entire interview with THIMM and the bevh here (only in german).

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