ISL Schaumstoff-Technik and ISL Verpackungstechnik are integrated into THIMM

02.12.2019 THIMM is expanding its solutions portfolio in the multi-material packaging sector and has integrated Hesse-based ISL Schaumstoff-Technik and Thuringia-based ISL Verpackungstechnik into THIMM Group. The Federal Cartel Office approved the takeover of ISL. The expertise of technical moulded parts and packaging made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) will now be transferred from ISL to THIMM Group.
ISL sites in Viernheim and Serba are transferred to THIMM Group

The conditions for the integration of ISL were very good because ISL, like THIMM, is a traditional family business. ISL and THIMM have been working together on a customer-supplier level since 2008. ISL is a specialist in the development and production of foam and multi-material solutions and technical moulded parts. About 250 employees work in the German ISL sites in Viernheim and in Serba and the expertise and product portfolio are the perfect complement to those of THIMM Packaging Systems. Synergies between ISL and THIMM will also arise from the common target sectors. ISL Gruppe also has two sites in Czech Republic and Slovakia which, although are not part of the takeover, the companies intend to continue to the close collaboration.

The integration of ISL is an important step in the growth strategy of THIMM because in addition to the expanded service portfolio with the reusable packaging from ISL, THIMM is also gaining two high-performance sites. The former ISL sites in Viernheim and Serba are the almost perfect geographical complement to the existing THIMM sites.

More information on the takeover of the German ISL Group can be found in our press release.

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