Digital corrugated cardboard production with digital printing

05.03.2020 A vision becomes reality. As a pioneer, THIMM once again shapes the process for manufacturing corrugated carboard from digitally printed paper. THIMM continues to optimise the production processes and makes it even more efficient- for the entire industry with a digitalised, fully automated and downstream process for the manufacture of corrugated cardboard for digitally printed paper rolls.
Digitalised further processing on a corrugator with digitally printed paper rolls

From the business divisions of THIMM pack’n’display and Christiansen Print, our print experts, together with BHS Corrugated, HP, AixPano and our customer Lindemann, have developed a revolutionising industry solution for the entire paper processing industry: Eine digitale Wellpappenproduktion mit Digitaldruck. The joint success of the digital corrugated cardboard production with digital printing is pioneering work that combines sustainability, innovation and efficiency.

Interlocking digital processes even more closely: Up to now, employees have controlled the order change from digitally printed paper rolls to corrugators in an analogue fashion. The effort in terms of work and time was enormous, because several printed images were often produced in a small number of units on digitally printed paper rolls. This often required the manual intervention of employees into the process while the corrugator also couldn't produce at full speed.

The innovative industry solution of digital corrugated cardboard production with digital printing succeeds the analogue and to some extent inefficient process and opens the door for a further step in the direction of digitalisation. In future, it will be possible to continue processing digitally printed paper rolls fully automatically on corrugators. The production and further processing of digital printing orders from Lindemann show what savings potential lies in the throughput times and material expenditures thanks to this digital process optimisation. 

In place of the previous markings, our repro-employees integrate the QR-codes into the printed image or on the chad, as requested by the customer. 

With our state-of-the-art possibilities for digital printing, we offer our customers the possibility to embed additional QR-codes in an unlimited number variably in the printed image, which the customer can use for its own purposes, for example, for traceability. The customer can just as easily integrate other recognisable codes as variable data into the printed image.

When processing the digitally printed paper rolls further on the corrugator, installed camera units initiate digitally automated order changes at full running speed on the corrugator via the QR-codes. The progress of the digital corrugated cardboard production with digital printing demonstrates, in addition to relief for employees, that the paper roll can also be printed wider, because the QR-codes can be considerably smaller and be placed more advantageously. Digital corrugated cardboard production with digital printing via QR-codes is also more efficient, because the QR-codes are less susceptible to error than the previous markings.

A revolutionising solution characterised by great sustainability: in the process of digital corrugated cardboard production and for the industry. The innovative industry solution of digital corrugated cardboard production with digital printing can also be installed on any commercially available corrugator. Thus, the sustainable impact of the more economical and more environmentally aware process optimisation and increase in efficiency can have an impact as a multiplicator effect for the entire industry.

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