Our world is groaning under an increasing flood of plastic waste. Many consumers want to move away from plastic packaging, leading retailers to look for alternatives. They exist: According to a study by the Gesellschaft für Verpackungsmarktforschung, roughly one fifth of all plastic packaging in Germany, Austria and Switzerland could be replaced by corrugated cardboard. For primary packaging, such as that used in the food industry, coated F-flute packaging could replace plastic, aluminium and solid board. The F-flute is known as fine and delicate. It has properties similar to untreated solid cardboard, but offers higher torsional rigidity at the same specific area weight. The F-flute is different from other fluting styles. It opens up new high-growth markets for sustainable primary packaging. In addition, it can also be used in combination with FE-flute as efficient transport and shelf-ready packaging.

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Substitution of solid cardboard when used for primary packaging 

F-flute packaging materials deliver properties similar to those of solid cardboard. In addition, you get greater material stability at the same specific area weight. 
The low flute division on the F-flute also ensures a more even printing surface, which is impressively close to full board when used with optimal materials. This can enhance the look and feel of your branding regardless of the printing technology.       

Benefit from unique printing possibilities!

Digital printing offers first-class print quality with individual design options, an effective brand presentation and a high recognition value. Strong brand loyalty with personalised customer address is possible through digital printing. 
In addition, the unboxing experience can be supported through a differentiated customer address capable of evoking emotions. Use the internal printing for F-flute shipping packaging to achieve an even greater WOW effect for your customers. This design space can be used to communicate customised slogans, permanent or changing, as well as seasonal campaigns. In an age of digitalization, this allows you to tap emotional customer targeting. 
At the same time, you have the option of placing integrated invisible links in the print image, which can promote anything from brand advertising videos to cross-selling promotions. It’s a quick, easy, and straightforward way to deliver content to your customers. Intelligent packaging with a digital print image takes the communication potential to a whole new level thanks to the interactive possibilities between your customers and your brand.
Digital printing process is ideally suited for alternating or seasonal campaigns, as well as very short circulation runs. Digital printing can also increase the sense of exclusivity for promotional campaigns with limited print runs and customised print images. In addition, a wide range of designs for series products, topical and with real promotional flair, can be realised in order to “refresh” your customers’ experience time and again. Economy and full flexibility are guaranteed, even through product launches and test runs.

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Transport and logistics advantages thanks to F-flute

Looking to reduce your logistics costs? Then switch your packaging from the E-flute to the F-flute. The F-flute has a material thickness of approx. 1.1 mm. 
More pre-cuts can be stacked onto each pallet. You can load up to 42% more packaging per pallet, even as you reduce the number of pallets by 30%. By using F-flute, you also achieve 30% better HGV volume usage, meaning you can also reduce the size of your HGV fleet. Compared to the E-flute, approx. 30% less pallet space required, which saves you three out of ten pallet spaces. This reduces the amount of warehouse capacity required, and with it inventory costs. You also trim the amount of handling and can streamline processes along the supply chain.


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F-flute packaging for use in the eCommerce sector

The eCommerce sector is booming, with more and more packaging required to cover its needs. Packaging is often still filled with air, does not look appealing or takes up a lot of space in the warehouse. The EE-flute is used in many shipping boxes. If you combine the F-flute with the E-flute to form an EF or FE-flute, you save every 10 pallets in the warehouse compared to the EE-flute. The EF-flute provides protection in the outer liner during transport and the F-flute provides a nice print result in the inner liner. Use F-flute for your packaging and ship your products safely! Add appealing interior print, one of our safety locks or self-adhesive strips to your eCommerce packaging to boost the unboxing thrills.


F-flute used in food packaging 

A growing number of consumers are paying close attention to the ecological footprint of packaging that they purchase. As a result, consumers are increasingly buying “plastic-free”. F-flute corrugated cardboard is approved for use in food packaging and can be employed in combination with foodWave® . foodWave® is our corrugated cardboard quality for direct food contact, consisting of 100% fresh fibres.
Thanks to our sustainable alternatives, aluminium trays or plastic packaging can be replaced in an environmentally friendly manner with a single-material solution made from 100% corrugated cardboard. It works with everything from sweet pastries, pasta, frozen products, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables to many other foods. We can produce standard cartons, conical cartons, corrugated cardboard trays with carry handles and many other designs for your food.

Food packaging for fruit and vegetables


Digital laser cutting adds exclusivity

Using our digital laser technology, we make your packaging a real eye-catcher. You can use symbols, codes, perforations, engravings, delicate die-cut motifs, fixings or even extravagant shapes to enhance your packaging design. Thanks to the F-flute, you can choose the finest, filigree cut-outs to set your packaging apart from the competition. At the same time, you can also clearly mark your packaging with codes to protect against counterfeiting. The machine uses lasers for high-precision cuts and engraving. Digital laser cutting is suitable for quantities as small as one piece and ranging up to larger orders. Small series, test orders and seasonal campaigns are all problem-free possibilities. Digital technology can help increase the sales of your products.

More information about the packaging and joint collaboration with the Duderstädter Gin Manufraktur can be found here.