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    Cosmetics and toiletries

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    Floor displays and dispenser packaging

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    mouth- nose covering

Awareness-raising with urgent measures in crisis situation

One of these companies is Hahnemühle FineArt, which has developed a filter paper in a special moulding process enabling it to be used as a disposable mouth and nose cover. The HaMuNa® Care disposable mouth and nose protection provides optimum coverage of the mouth and nose which is gentle on the skin and can be used anywhere, e.g. on pubic transport or in supermarkets. The versatile HaMuNa® Care mouth and nose cover is a registered brand. An application has been made to patent the material and design of the mouth and nose cover. COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through fine droplets emitted in people’s breath, for example when they speak, cough or sneeze. The mouth and nose cover developed by Hahnemühle is designed to capture these droplets. The risk of becoming infected or infecting someone else can be reduced with the mouth and nose protection.

For the market launch of the mouth and nose cover, THIMM has developed an all-in-one solution for Hahnemühle FineArt. The HaMuNa® Care mouth and nose covers are packed for transportation and presentation on the retail shelf in a functional cardboard dispenser package. The dispenser package has a flip-pack box design with a tear perforation opening at the front. An additional insert serves as a hook to hang the mouth and nose covers on. The hook is unfolded at Hahnemühle and the mouth and nose covers placed on it, then the insert including the covers is pushed into the flip-pack box ready for dispatch. For the enhanced shelf display at the retail outlet, THIMM has developed a high-impact sales display which clearly displays the mouth and nose covers from Hahnemühle in the dispensers. The sales display has a further advantage in that the dispenser packs are easy to replace at any time, making for convenient handling by the consumer. The dispenser packaging and the sales display are printed in high-quality digital print. Digital printing is essential for a quick market launch: it is a contactless printing process so images can be changed quickly, making shorter delivery times possible. The biggest success factor here is its versatility: in digital printing, various different designs can be printed in offset quality, flexibly and to order. Hahnemühle therefore also offers the retailer the flexibility of selling the mouth and nose covers without the sales display and just with the dispenser packaging.

Sales display and dispenser packaging for marketing mouth and nose covers made by Hahnemühle

Hahnemühle FineArt was founded in 1584 in Solling in southern Lower Saxony and is now one of the leading producers of the fine art papers and life sciences solutions and is the inventor of Digital FineArt Papers. The company is headquartered in Dassel in the south of Lower Saxony and, with subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, the USA and China as well as Singapore, Hahnemühle employs a global workforce of over 200 people. With a customer-centred and innovative approach to the development and refinement of products and manufacturing processes, the company now offers a wide-ranging portfolio of products. This includes genuine artists papers for exclusive photographic prints, digital art and art reproductions as well as individual developments of life sciences solutions and papers for specialist technical purposes. Hahnemühle manufactures all its paper types according to old formulations, using high-quality cotton fibres, pulp or quick-growing plant fibres and pure spring water. All paper and life sciences solutions bear the “Brand of the Century” seal and are characterised by their top-class quality and a special resistance to ageing. As an innovative world market leader, Hahnemühle develops and finishes papers for existing requirements and new market segments.

Innovative mouth and nose covers presented in sales displays

Responsibility is as important as tradition at Hahnemühle, with the company taking a serious approach to the subject of resource efficiency in its paper production. Together with THIMM, a sustainable all-in-one solution for marketing Hahnemühle’s disposable mouth and nose cover has now been developed. The result of the collaboration is a solution that combines a dispenser package and a sales display made of environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard.

"Our thanks go to the THIMM Group for producing the high-quality display and packaging design in lightning-quick time."

Jan Wölfle, Managing Director, Hahnemühle

"Innovative products need innovative all-in-one solutions and a common focus. The dedicated, rapid and constructive collaboration with Hahnemühle demonstrates that companies with a passion for their products lay the perfect foundation for mutual success. In the shortest possible time, we succeeded in developing a fantastic all-in-one solution comprising dispenser packaging and sales display in time for the market launch of the HaMuNa® Care mouth and nose covers. The practical element is that the dispenser packs also lend themselves really well for individual use in the shelf display, giving the retailer the maximum degree of flexibility."

Jannik Zander, Sales Manager, THIMM

Advantages of the sales display for mouth and nose covers from Hahnemühle

  • Double benefit: environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard dispenser packaging provides protection during transport and presents the product neatly on the shelf
  • Additional pre-cut insert in the dispenser packaging serves as a hook on which the mouth and nose covers can be suspended to keep them neat and tidy
  • Dispenser packaging in flip-pack design has a tear perforation opening at the front for easy removal of the product at the retail outlet
  • Sales display enhances shelf presentation and increases options for product placement at the retail outlet
  • Sales display as a secondary placement increases the visibility of the mouth and nose covers from Hahnemühle
  • Eye-catching brand presentation at the retail outlet thanks to the sales display helps promote sales and raise awareness of the mouth and nose covers from Hahnemühle
  • Dispenser packaging can be used exclusively for shelf placement or in combination with the sales display
  • Digital printing for maximum flexibility and speed and excellent print quality
  • Swift market launch and reduced delivery times thanks to state-of-the-art digital printing technology
  • Cost-effective even for short runs with digital printing
  • High-quality all-in-one solution made from environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard for an efficient process

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