Dispenser packaging for hygiene products

Innovative complete solution at the POS: Dispenser packs with display for mouth and nose coverings
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Dispenserverpackungen für Hygieneprodukte

Dispenser packaging with a display for disposable mouth and nose coverings

Dispenserverpackung für Hygiene-Mundschutz

The mouth and nose coverings from Hahnemühle are being displayed and marketed as a high-quality, digitally-printed all-in-one solution consisting of a dispenser and a sales display made from environmentally-friendly corrugated cardboard. The disposable mouth and nose coverings are packaged securely for transportation in functional dispenser packaging made from corrugated cardboard and then displayed neatly on retail shelves. From a design perspective the dispenser packaging is a flip-pack box with an additional insert which functions as a hook used to neatly hang the mouth and nose coverings. There is a tear perforation on the front of the dispenser packaging which makes the merchandise display easy to open. For an efficient process the hooks in the dispenser packaging from Hahnemühle are unfolded, the disposable mouth and nose coverings are hung over the hook and then the insert including the disposable mouth and nose coverings are pushed into the flip-pack box and shipped.

Dispenserverpackung mit Display für Mund- und Nasenbedeckungen

To enhance the shelf marketing THIMM and Hahnemühle very quickly developed a high-impact sales display in which the dispenser packaging can be hung up neatly. This is how the disposable mouth and nose coverings are also displayed in the fixed dispensers in the sales display. A specific benefit of the sales display is that the dispenser packaging can be easily exchanged so that the sales displays can be filled and restocked at all times. The dispenser packaging and the sales display are printed in high-quality digital printing. Digital printing is essential for a quick market launch since as it is a contactless process, fast image changes and therefore shorter delivery times are possible. Flexibility is the greatest success-factor. In digital printing different designs can be printed flexibly and with customisation in offset quality. With this fantastic all-in-one solution Hahnemühle is offering retailers full flexibility to sell the disposable mouth and nose coverings in the dispensers, with or without the sales display.

Advantages of dispenser packaging for hygiene products

  • Dispenser packaging made from environmentally-friendly packaging with two uses – secure product protection during transportation and a tidy merchandise display in the retail outlet

  • The additional insert functions as a hook in the dispenser on which the disposable mouth and nose coverings from Hahnemühle can be hung neatly

  • A tear perforation on the front of the dispenser makes it quick to open and easy to remove the product in retail outlets

  • The additional sales display as a secondary placement increases customer awareness and stimulates impulse purchases

  • The sales display expands the product placement possibilities in retail outlets and enhances the product display of the disposable mouth and nose coverings from Hahnemühle in the dispensers

  • The sales display for the disposable mouth and nose coverings from Hahnemühle acts as a high-impact brand presentation in the retail outlet for sales promotion and increases the awareness level

  • The sales display has communication surfaces and customised design possibilities

  • The dispensers can be used for merchandise displays on the shelf or can be combined with the sales display

  • The dispensers and sales display made of corrugated cardboard stand out thanks to their top class digital printing quality

  • Digital printing offers full flexibility and economic efficiency for product launches and test runs

  • Flexibility is the biggest success factor as you can use digital printing to print various designs for series products without limitations in the number of colours and also in offset quality

  • High-quality all-in-one solution made from environmentally-friendly corrugated cardboard for an efficient process

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