Product presentation


At Points of Sale (POS), customers come into direct contact with your products and your brand. Perfect presentation helps display your brand in the right light and motivate customers to buy your products. Give your customers a true shopping experience!

Shelf ready packaging

The term "shelf-ready packaging" (SRP) means packaging that has been optimised for retail shelves, in the sense that packaging units are prepared to the greatest possible extent to be sold straight from the shelf. Shelf-ready packaging is easy to identify, easy to open, easy to stock on shelves, and easy to discard, allowing optimum usage of precious shelf space.
In accordance with ECR Europe and GS1 Germany GmbH guidelines, shelf-ready packaging provides those benefits by meeting the following requirements within the supply chain:

  • Easy identification
    On shelf-ready packaging, key logistics information and the product name should be easy to see and capture even when the transport packaging is still closed. The product should also be easily identifiable within the packaging when on the shelf.
  • Easy open
    Opening the packaging should require minimal time and personnel resources. The opening mechanism itself should be clearly and visibly marked. Risk of injury should be eliminated to the greatest possible extent. No other tools or resources should be required for stocking shelves
  • Easy shelf
    The shelf packaging should provide adequate stability, support and stackability, and should be adapted to fit shelf dimensions. Handling should remain as easy as possible.
  • Easy shop
    Products should be easy to reach, to remove, and to put back. Outer packaging can also be printed with an eye-catching design that places the brand name and logo clearly in focus. That way, even when a product unit is almost completely sold out, the packaging still presents the remaining products in an attractive way.
  • Easy dispose
    If possible, the packaging should be made of a single material (without composite materials), and it should be foldable quickly and easily without additional equipment, so that it can be disposed of efficiently.

Innovative display stands and exclusive decorations

Using secondary product placement in addition to regular shelf space ensures perfect product presentation at the POS. Such displays are often used to present new product launches, sale goods, or top sellers.

Our displays are easy to set up, and offer safety, stability, high quality, and added value. Whether you need standardised, modular or custom solutions, we can create a wide variety of displays, decorations, and shop window elements exactly as you desire.

Place your products in strategically important sales areas, and start triggering more impulse buys!

Increasing retail merchandising costs can affect your revenues

Shelf maintenance already accounts for 40% of direct product costs. These include product opening, placement and clean-up on retail shelves. Let us show you the solutions you need before you fall into a cost trap.