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    DIY books for children

Product packaging for handicraft books

gets children's hearts racing

In order to create product packaging that is as unique as the inventive toy, SEITENBUNT and THIMM already had some set ideas when they began their joint packaging development of high-quality and sustainable product packaging for the handicraft books. This collaboration has resulted in the environmentally-friendly and digitally-printed product packaging with a high-quality design which combines ease-of-use and first-class design. The functional packaging inlay also ensures an optimum product presentation and a clean layout of the products.

Even before the handicraft sets are unpacked our innovative product packaging arouses huge curiosity in the little ones. Thanks to the colourful and playful design of our product packaging for SEITENBUNT, opening the innovative packaging solution becomes an emotional unpacking experience. Lovingly designed motifs and colour interplays in excellent print quality make children's eyes shine and increase the anticipation of the equally first-class handicraft book set.

THIMM has developed innovative product packaging as an optimum packaging solution for the inventive design and colouring books from SEITENBUNT. A high-impact design combined with a functional packaging inlay creates the perfect unit.

Seitenbunt Logo

SEITENBUNT is the new kid on the block for inventive gift ideas for children. For creative children's imaginations and in conjunction with educationalists, the start-up has developed the first design and colouring book as a holistic handicraft book set for creating individual designs.
Inspired by children and full of love, founder Gloria Hiltmair developed the business idea for the 18-part handicraft book set and used her passion to bring this to life. Over 160 fantastic colouring stickers, glitter tape, glitter glue sticks, crayons, a variety of crystal stickers and many more toys are laid out perfectly in a functional packaging inlay in the product packaging and inspire the children to transfer their individual stories in images and words to paper. The finished self-designed handicraft book is ideally suited as a gift for pre-school and primary school children and is a source of great joy for the little ones.

Gloria Hiltmair, Gründerin SEITENBUNT

Gloria Hiltmair, Gründerin SEITENBUNT

Gloria Hiltmair is very impressed with the collaboration and in THIMM has found a partner who is a perfect fit for her and who is as passionate as the founder herself about the development of innovative products.

"In THIMM we have found a partner who is a perfect fit for us and who has guided us as a start-up company towards a perfect child-friendly packaging solution with a range of additional solutions specifically customised to our needs. It was not only the desired sustainability, but also the fact that THIMM made it easy to roll out the current expansion of the product range because they are always presenting us with customised solutions and innovative, loving ideas."


Next generation digital printing: The creative product packaging for the handicraft book is exciting for children

The packaging design of the handicraft book from SEITENBUNT is flexible as it can be themed, e.g. fairy tales, church year, Christmas. Therefore digital printing is the appropriate printing process for implementing the sustainable product packaging concept for the handicraft book and for exploiting its various benefits:

  • First class digital printing quality offers an effective and exclusive brand presentation and enhances the unpacking experience
  • Digital printing enables customised and child-friendly design possibilities for the product packaging for the SEITENBUNT handicraft books
  • The digital printing process can be used to create different designs on the innovative product packaging for customised series products
  • The digital printing process is ideal for changing or seasonal campaigns and ensures more promotion and topicality. For example, during the Christmas period SEITENBUNT markets a Christmas-inspired design of the children's handicraft book.
  • The product packaging is emotionalised through the digital printing of the design and it enhances the unpacking experience 
  • Cost-effectiveness even for limited print runs of digitally printed product packaging made from corrugated cardboard
  • Digital printing technology ensures full flexibility even with product launches and test runs
Produktverpackung für Kinderbastelbuch

Innovative product packaging ensures product protection and its original condition

The secure packaging of the inventive handicraft books is just as important to SEITENBUNT as the first-class design of the product packaging. And here the appropriate solution for the product packaging of the handicraft books is provided by the lock which secures the original condition of the packaging.

  • The product packaging cannot be opened without damaging it so the consumer can immediately recognise that the packaging for the toys is intact and in its original condition
  • Consumers can very easily open the sustainable product packaging without additional aids using the tear-off strip
  • The tamper-proof lock for the handicraft book packaging guarantees product safety until it arrives at the recipient
kindergerechte Produktverpackung

Child-friendly product packaging which gets children's hearts racing

Of course the main priority here are the children who with their creative imaginations will immortalise their unique stories in the handicraft book. This is why SEITENBUNT and THIMM paid particular attention during the packaging development process to creating a child-oriented packaging solution. The ease of use combined with the functional packaging inlay of the sustainable product packaging satisfied this requirement.

  • A clear layout for the crayons, stickers and other elements of the handicraft book in the integrated packaging inlay
  • A high-quality inlay in the product packaging fixes the toys in place and protects them from damage
  • An orderly product presentation with a clear layout of the toys so that all the elements of the handicraft book set can been seen at a glance
  • Easy filling and removal of toys through lateral grooves
  • Easy resealing of the product packaging thanks to the integrated tuck-in flap
  • The product packaging design is also a single-material solution made 100% of corrugated cardboard which means it can be easily recycled
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