• Company:

    Nakamoto Forestry

  • Sector:

    Furniture & Wood

  • Type of packaging:

    Presentation packaging

  • Product:

    Wooden facade pattern

Presentation packaging with laser engraving for Nakamoto Forestry

An exclusive look for both product and packaging. Unique products with an individual design must be marketed stylishly and presented attractively. In e -commerce in particular, packaging is often the first physical contact point to the product and is therefore crucial for initial impressions of the brand. With the right packaging and state-of-the-art technologies you can create and professionally support a higher-impact sales process.

High-quality, sustainable, authentic: Presentation packaging for shipping

Nakamoto Forestry is the world’s largest producer and supplier of Japanese Yakisugi wood sidings. Yakisugi has been used in Japan for centuries as a natural way of protecting wood by charring. The family-run business Nakamoto Forestry is committed to sustainability, authenticity and quality. The high-quality wood sidings can be used for wood cladding (internal and external), fences, floors and also for furniture. Nakamoto Forestry wants to convey an early awareness of quality and certainty for customers in their decision-making so on request it ships samples worldwide in high-quality presentation packaging. This enables Nakamoto Forestry to bring the visual and sensory experience of the premium wood sidings closer to the customer as authentically as possible and also to display the quality.

The presentation-packaging itself is an important component in the sales process.

Packaging is the first physical touchpoint with the customer and is therefore also crucial for the customers’ impression of the Nakamoto Forestry brand. With its attractive packaging and high-impact product staging, Nakamoto Forestry gives its customers a unique unpacking experience. The focused customer targeting with the presentation packaging provides an emotional touchpoint to the Nakamoto Forestry brand. The sample views of the premium wood sidings are shipped in natural presentation packaging made from environmentally-friendly corrugated cardboard. A custom-fit inlay fixes the wood sidings in place during transportation and also displays them clearly when the packaging is opened. The brand experience is also further enhanced by the digitally-cut engraving of the Nakamoto Forestry logo into the packaging which with its filigree outlines gives the packaging an air of exclusivity. Thanks to this digital laser cutting, unrivalled presentation packaging has been created from normal brown boxes. In its products Nakamoto Forestry is committed to the values of authenticity, naturalness and top quality which are also reflected in the high-quality presentation packaging made from corrugated cardboard.

Martin Gottschlich, Managing Director of Nakamoto Forestry, describes the result of the packaging development as follows:

“We used digital laser cuts to insert our logos into our packaging boxes. This is extremely innovative, has a very high-quality appearance and differentiates us from other packaging boxes – and also differentiates THIMM from other suppliers. The material and the new opportunities provided by laser cutting technology convinced us to create product packaging box that is both high-quality and also ecological. The result is environmentally-friendly presentation packaging which also functions as a high-impact brand ambassador. Therefore our product packaging represents what we, as Nakamoto Forestry Europe, wish to stand for, namely- exclusivity and environmental awareness.”

Presentation packaging for Nakamoto Forestry as a brand ambassador

One packaging, two uses. In order to transport the sample views of the premium wood sidings from Nakamoto Forestry securely during transportation, THIMM developed presentation packaging for shipping. The idea behind the presentation packaging was to develop a packaging box that upon opening displays the wood siding -samples with high impact. An additional custom-fit inlay fixes and protects the products securely during transportation and also displays them clearly, so that architecture practices for example can directly reuse the product packaging as sample packaging for the orderly presentation of the wood sidings.

Another value-add and a particular highlight of the presentation packaging is the unique digitally-cut laser-engraving which emphasises the high-impact brand image of Nakamoto Forestry. State-of-the-art digital laser cutting technology was used to create unique product packaging from an Fefco 0427 standard. Digital laser cutting opens up new creative possibilities that Nakamoto Forestry has directly made use of in its presentation packaging. Lasers can cut precision designs out of corrugated cardboard which previously could only be produced with difficulty, or not at all. This gives the packaging even more impact. 

Benefits of the high-impact presentation-packaging with digitally-cut engraving

More customisation with digitally-cut engravings

  • Filigree laser engraving of the Nakamoto Forestry logo provides the finish for the presentation packaging
  • Presentation packaging with digital laser engraving for even more high-quality and differentiation
  • The elegant and luxurious appearance of the presentation packaging emphasises and increases the exclusivity of the premium wood sidings
  • Unique packaging for presenting a high-impact product display increases advertising effectiveness
  • Focused customer targeting with the presentation packaging provides an emotional touchpoint to the Nakamoto Forestry brand
  • More flexibility for presentation packaging: When using laser cutting only the digital data of the drawing have to be modified

Presentation packaging with inlays for more product protection during transportation

  • Presentation packaging with inlays fix the wood sidings securely in place during transportation and provides extensive product protection
  • Sophisticated packaging with custom-fit inlays made from corrugated cardboard display the wood sidings very clearly when the packaging is opened
  • Easy and fast assembly of the presentation packaging
  • The base enables the inlays to be stacked on top of each other in the presentation packaging
  • The packaging concept is a more sustainable alternative to environmentally-detrimental packaging materials

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