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    E-commerce packaging

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    Cooking boxes

Digitally printed shipping packaging for HelloFresh

New recipes, fresh ingredients and inspiring ideas - the business concept of start-up HelloFresh adds variety to your everyday cooking.

The varied Food Boxes with their delicious, healthy dishes that customers can easily cook at home are conveniently ordered online and delivered directly to their doors. Together with HelloFresh THIMM has developed innovative digitally printed shipping packaging for seasonal grill and Christmas menus which not only transports the healthy food, but also conveys the company's brand identity.

Digitally printed shipping packaging - New opportunities for customer communication in the branded products sector

  • Effective brand presentation with first-class print quality using digital printing
  • Different designs of digitally printed shipping packaging for customised series products
  • Total flexibility for product launches and test runs
  • Exclusivity thanks to serialisation
  • Support of the unboxing experience with direct customer targeting on the shipping packaging units
  • Water-based inks are used in digital printing for indirect food contact
  • Seasonal campaigns for more topicality and promotions
  • Cost-effective even for limited print runs of digitally printed shipping packaging
  • Strong brand loyalty thanks to personalised customer targeting using digital printing


The digitally printed packaging for the three seasonal grill menus was the first order on the digital web press TT1100S and then THIMM Group used digital printing to produce the two versions of the Christmas boxes as the successful follow-up order.

“Our packaging is not only a means of transportation but functions much more as a communications channel through which we target our customers directly. The Christmas-inspired design conveys a corresponding mood and when delivered creates the feeling of having been presented with a gift.”

Nils Herrmann, Vice President Operations at HelloFresh Germany

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