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Intelligent sales display with a digital print image for Fresh Nuts

In collaboration with Fresh Nuts THIMM has developed an intelligent sales display with a digital print image for the POS. The intelligence of the sales display is based in essence on the additional consumer communications tool through the integration of app-based data codes. This objective of this feature is to attract the highest possible attention of consumers outside of the shelf surface to the new range of muesli and to trigger impulse purchases.

High-quality products for everyone. This is exactly what is promised by Hamburg-based Fresh Nuts GmbH with its tasty nuts and dried fruits which are produced and marketed under the Meray brand. The perfect combination of traditional, oriental recipes and the use of state-of-the-art production technologies have made the Meray products something special with a unique taste. With its diverse product range of 19 different nut varieties and 14 different dried fruits, Fresh Nuts offers a very special taste for everyone to enjoy. Meray products are now successfully established in the European market and are also available in more than 40 other countries. However, Fresh Nuts would like to reach even more consumers and inspire them with the high quality of their nut and dried fruit range. This is the background to the joint development between THIMM and Fresh Nuts of an intelligent sales display with a digital print image for the new Meray muesli range which has been positioned in selected ethnic supermarkets. Fresh Nuts is one of the first companies to take advantage of the benefits of a secondary placement in the ethnic sales space. The sales-promoting presentation of the new muesli range from Meray outside of the shelf environment aims to target the attention of consumers and animate them to make impulse purchases.

The digitally printed sales display also combines the analogue and digital worlds, with the print image of the topper and the base containing integrated data codes which are invisible to the human eye. In order to read the codes in the selected areas of the sales display with the digital print image, an internet-enabled smartphone or tablet with a camera function and the free-of-charge LinkReader app is required. After calling up the app, the camera of the smartphone or tablet is held over the area to be scanned and the linked information is immediately displayed to the consumer on the mobile device. Whilst still at the POS and then during the purchase decision-making process itself, the Fresh Nuts sales display links the consumer to a promotional video which convincingly and clearly illustrates what the Meray brand stands for. During the purchasing process the consumer’s smartphone or tablet is quickly and easily transformed into a user-friendly communications tool through the invisible data codes in the intelligent sales display.

THIMM and Fresh Nuts have not only created innovations in the ethnic market with the environmentally-friendly and high-quality printed sales display, the digital print images also present a further interaction opportunity with consumers. Fresh Nuts is very impressed with the collaboration with THIMM as through THIMM it has found the ideal partner for the development of an intelligent and high-impact sales display at the POS:

"It is a lot of fun collaborating with THIMM. They are a very fast, young and dynamic team. Innovations such as digital printing also require our company to adapt to the changing times."

Tobias Fiehn, Operations Manager, Fresh Nuts.

Digitally-printed sales display with exclusive print quality from ThimmColor® digital

Fresh Nuts deliberately chose high-quality and innovative digital printing technology in order to benefit from its many advantages:

  • Effective brand presentation thanks to first-class print quality using ThimmColor® digital
  • The full flexibility and fast responsiveness of the technology is ideally suited to new product launches and test runs
  • The digital printing procedure enables a customised and sales-promotional design of the sales display with the digital print image
  • Through the integration of invisible codes in the print image of the topper and the base the sales display acquires a digital added value and increased functionality without having to intervene in the design itself
  • The cost-effective production of limited print runs of the sales display with the digital print image is guaranteed
  • Water-based inks used in digital printing ensure the sales display is safe for use in the food sector

Intelligent communications options at the  POS through integrated digital print images

The key feature of Meray products: Traditional oriental recipes are created with state-of-the-art production technologies. The use of state-of-the-art production technologies also extends to the presentation of merchandise at the POS. The intelligent sales display from THIMM combines the real world with the digital world creating state-of-the-art communications options with consumers:

  • The sales display with the digital print image and its integrated app-based codes acts as an additional communications option with the consumer
  • Additional content ranging from promotional films through to usage and product recommendations can be made available to the consumer quickly and very easily
  • Thanks to the intelligent sales display with its digital print image, a classic purchase in a retail outlet becomes an emotional purchasing experience offering new and modern communications opportunities
  • The consumer's need for information is met and the purchase decision in the retail outlet is made easier

Innovative sales display as a high-impact secondary placement at the POS

Fresh Nuts, a company constantly striving for growth and success, is one of the first companies in the ethnic market to take advantage of the sales promotional benefits of a sales display for the launch of delicious muesli varieties:

  • Fresh Nuts is setting new benchmarks with one of the first sales displays in the ethnic market
  • The shelf space is supplemented by an additional secondary placement
  • Secondary placements attract consumers’ attention and stimulate purchase impulses at the POS
  • The impulse purchases trigger increase product sales and deliver top-up revenues
  • The products are clearly visible for the customers and can be easily removed
  • In addition to the intelligent sales display with the digital print image,  additional tasting stands in selected supermarkets attract the attention of consumers to the Meray muesli

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