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    Deli Reform

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    Margarine & Spreadable Fats

Display- and packaging concept with shelf-ready packaging for Deli Reform

As a solution provider THIMM has developed the best solution for Deli Reform for the packaging and display of its merchandise. The interplay of customised shelf-ready packaging and specific display concepts has enabled the Deli Reform brand to present itself effectively and with high impact in retail outlets. Additional “display-corners” can be printed individually for promotional purposes which in turn reinforce the sales promotion. The high-grade printing qualities as well as the standardised brand image create differentiation and focused customer targeting at the POS. THIMM worked closely with the company Deli Reform from the consultancy phase through to production.

Smart solution: Low cost. High impact.

The objective was to develop a sustainable packaging- and presentation solution for Deli Reform which is effective and at the same time easy to use. To enhance the shelf presentation, the design of the display had to extend the surface area of the shelf-ready product placement at the POS. The SRP-display for Deli Reform comprises one individually printed “display-corner” for promotional campaigns and stacked standard-trays which are also used for the presentation on the shelf. The display- and packaging development for Deli Reform protects the products within the packaging and creates a high-impact secondary placement.

The shelf-ready packaging for Deli Reform with its integrated stacking corners is very stable and rigid when stacked in blocks and is also easy to assemble. The integrated stacking corners also prevent the shelf-ready packaging units from sliding into each other on the display. The openings in the display also make it easy to remove and view products in the shelf-ready packaging. The full-surface printing on all sides of the shelf-ready packaging in flexo-preprint ensures that the Deli Reform brand is very visible in the retail outlet.

The SRP display presents the products in a tidy and sales-promoting manner in the Deli Reform shelf-ready packaging. After the sale, the trays which are made from 100% sustainable corrugated cardboard can be recycled. Additional digitally printed “display-corners” transform the SRP display into a highlight as they can be printed flexibly using state-of-the-art digital printing technology for promotional campaigns. The customised designs of the “display-corners” provide additional advertising- and communications surfaces for Deli Reform, which target the customers directly and contribute to promoting impulse purchases.

The combination of the different printing on the display- and packaging concept is to be noted. Displays and packaging offer even greater added value when they also backed up by high quality printing. Whether flexo-preprint or through the latest digital printing techniques, - THIMM pack'n'display provides the printing process your display and your packaging require to create the optimum customer incentives. With the right choice and combination of printing processes, your displays and packaging acquire a new colour brilliancy and act as an active brand ambassador in the retail outlet. Digital printing is perfectly suited for special promotions and seasonal campaigns. Here, flexibility and speed harmonise with individualisation and high colour quality.

Deli Reform. Sustainability from packaging to bread.

The Deli Reform brand is part of Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke GmbH and has been producing margarines and vegetable spreads for daily use 60 years. The company from Hilter near the Teutoburger Forest, only utilises high-quality raw materials and non-hydrogenated fats and oils for its products. Deli Reform utilises 100% of its energy from renewable energies and this environmental awareness is also reflected in the environmentally-friendly packaging and displays made from sustainable corrugated cardboard which Deli Reform purchases from THIMM..

Myriam Rosemann, Product Manager Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke GmbH describes the collaboration with THIMM as follows:

“Thimm has been our “packaging expert” for many years and we are very happy with the technical expertise and excellent collaboration. We are constantly receiving new impetus and ideas which enable us to further optimise our packaging and adapt it to the needs of our customers. One example of this are the small modifications that have been made to the trays for our margarine-products which have optimised both the visibility of the tubs and the product removal for customers. We have also increased the attractiveness of our displays by affixing the “display-corners”. And given that smaller print runs are possible thanks to digital printing, we are now able to respond even better to customer requirements and implement seasonal promotional- activities effectively. As the entire Thimm team is always very committed and happy in what they do, our communications on a human level are also very enjoyable.”

Customer benefits of shelf-ready packaging for Deli Reform

Stable Deli Reform standard-trays for stacking

  • Standard-trays for Deli Reform with their integrated stacking corners ensure a high level of rigidity and stacking stability
  • The stacking corners on the standard-trays for Deli Reform prevent them sliding into each other
  • Deli Reform standard-trays protect the products throughout the entire supply chain
  • The standard-trays have openings to ensure optimum visibility and removal of the Deli Reform products

High-quality printed standard-trays in flexo-preprint for Deli Reform

  • The first-class print quality of the packaging design in flexo-preprint increases the brand image of Deli Reform
  • The product colours of the Deli Reform brand are reflected in the design of the standard-trays
  • Full-surface printing of the standard-tray increases the advertising effectiveness and brand presence for Deli Reform

Customer benefits of the Deli Reform SRP-displays with a "display-corner"

Sales promoting secondary placement of the SRP display for Deli Reform

Additional secondary placement of the Deli Reform display enhances the shelf surface area at the POS and increases on-top-revenues

Reinforcement of purchase impulses through high-impact secondary placement of the SRP display

  • SRP display with a high advertising impact promotes impulse purchases of Deli Reform products
  • Tray stack of the standard-trays ensures the fast and easy assembly of the Deli Reform display
  • Integrated stacking corners prevent the standard-trays on the Deli Reform display from sliding into each other
  • The tray stack increases the stacking stability and rigidity of the Deli Reform display
  • Tidy and attractive presentation of Deli Reform products in the SRP display
  • The openings in the SRP display ensure an unobstructed removal of the Deli Reform products
  • The Deli Reform display can be easily recycled

First-class print quality of the Deli Reform display for a high-impact brand presentation

  • High recall value of the brand through first-class printing with the colours of the Deli Reform products in flexo-preprint
  • Full-surface printing on the outside of the stacked standard-trays ensures that the SRP display presents the Deli Reform brand on all sides
  • Digitally-printed "display-corners" provide additional advertising- and communications surfaces for Deli Reform, where the printing can be customised for promotional purposes
  • "Display-corners" customises each Deli Reform display thanks to the flexible design options with state-of-the-art digital printing technology

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