Sales displays for food

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Pallet display for food products

One display for a wide range of product types

Sales displays for food

Clever and variable constructions

The company BioGourmet GmbH, based in Erdmannshausen, is a manufacturer and trader of international delicatessen products from organic and sustainable cultivation. Specialities of all kinds are sold under the brand of the same name. In addition to spices and herbs, sweets and snack food, bread spreads and ready-made meals, BioGourmet covers a wide range of delicious foods.

Your advantages of the sales displays for food

  • Customised construction

    Our developers have designed the packaging to meet individual requirements.

  • Customised design

    Our printing technologies open up countless design possibilities for you.

  • Extremely rigid

    Corrugated cardboard packaging is lightweight yet sturdy.

  • Maximum product visibility

    Cut-outs ensure your products have maximum visibility and accessibility.

  • Consulting

    Receive a personal consultation – we will find your best packaging.

  • Sales promotion displays

    Create additional purchase incentives at the point of sale with secondary placements.

Sales displays for food

THIMM developed a pallet display for food for the product presentation at the point of sale. The focus was to reflect the natural and sustainable idea of fine specialities in the display, as well as to optimally present and transport the variety of products in it.
The pallet display for food consists of a base for a quarter pallet, two or three trays and a separate topper that is inserted into the top tray. The trays can be extended by a third level with the help of a further, lower tray in addition to two higher storage options. Depending on the variety of products and the type of product presentation. The load-bearing capacity of the display is variably adapted to the products by means of variable support bars. This reduces the use of cardboard to a minimum and thus protects the environment.

The advantage of the pallet display for foodstuffs shows that with one construction 

a large number of products can be accommodated, these can be placed variably

and thus saves the retailer storage space.

Sales displays for food

The design of the food pallet display features a natural and simple presentation of brand and matching graphics. The use of unlaminated brown corrugated cardboard in combination with minimalist printing pays the pallet display for food to the values of BioGourmet: Showing with naturalness that food can partly do without further flavour enhancers, drawing attention to traditions thanks to original quality, the passion and love for one's own products and sustainable agriculture for food that is fit for the future. Thanks to its own simple presentation, the pallet display for food moves visually into the background and can thus perfectly stage the products of the BioGourmet brand.

For a good figure at the point of sale

Sales displays for food

A conscious diet and daily exercise are the most important pillars for a healthy and balanced attitude to life. The food start-up foodspring lives and develops exclusive sports nutrition from natural foods according to this attitude to life. With the goals of deriving real benefits from food, taking ingredients from the best of nature, using the products easily and in a time-saving way, and not losing the natural taste, foodspring has become one of the most successful newcomers in the food sector.

Sales displays for food

For the marketing of the premium products, THIMM supported with high-quality pallet displays in two designs. By individually adapting the pallet displays to the target groups, THIMM developed a display solution with three layers and a raised base that finds space in food retail. In addition, another pallet display with four layers and increased load-bearing capacity was created for use in Crossfit studios for direct marketing in the sports sector. 
Both pallet displays present energy and protein bars as well as dried fruits, protein powder and matching shake cups. For the optimal presentation of the bars, a small ramp is integrated in the layer that can be set up and thus inclines the bar packaging to promote sales.

Use the right printing process

for individual communication and personal address

of the customer on the POS display

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Sales displays for food

Time for new traditions - this is how the Hamburg-based start-up Marmetube launched its products on the market in 2018. The novel jam from the tube stands for easy application, natural ingredients and all packaged in a sustainable aluminium-based tube. For the innovative fruit spread, THIMM constructed packaging and displays made of corrugated cardboard with an appealing design, which makes the brand and products better known at the POS.

Sales displays for food

Displays made of corrugated cardboard are ideal for product and brand communication and thus for increasing awareness. In order to present the new fruit spreads from the tube in an eye-catching way in the trade, THIMM developed a display made of corrugated cardboard, which consists of a quarter pallet and a base, as well as two or three trays for product placement.

The standard display for the seven main varieties is in an eye-catching red. The summer display with the limited flavours blackberry-mint and peach-passion fruit as well as the "perennial favourites" strawberry and raspberry is presented in a purple design. In contrast, the current winter display with the special flavours apple-cinnamon and pear-vanilla can be found in a blue design at the POS. 
For better handling in the market, the trays of the display can be easily removed and changed through prefabricated grip holes on the sides. Per layer, 48 tubes can be placed in the respective trays of six.

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