Direct food contact


100% safe direct food contact: THIMM foodWave® is our migration-free corrugated product type for direct food contact. When used in combination with our special lacquer, it is even grease- and water-repellent, making it ideal for packaging moist or greasy products. Protect your products with THIMM foodWave®!

For moist or greasy products

Pasta products and baked goods like croissants, sweet pastries and pizza have special packaging needs, because they release grease and moisture onto the packaging paper. THIMM foodWave®’s excellent structural qualities, in combination with our special THIMM lacquer, make it ideal for packaging moist or high-fat products. THIMM foodWave® can also be adapted to almost any forms of packaging.

Even available with certificate!

Migration-free, corrugated THIMM foodWave® is made of 100% fresh fibre. It is produced at our BRC IoP Standard-certified factory under strict hygienic conditions, using environmentally friendly starch glue. This corrugated material contains no mineral oils, making it especially food-safe and environmentally friendly. Even when used with our special lacquer, THIMM foodWave® packaging can be recycled easily. We would also be happy to have your THIMM foodWave® packaging certified by the ISEGA*, and will deliver the packaging together with a declaration of conformity.

* ISEGA-certified packaging cannot be printed.