THIMM pack'n'display

Thimm pack´n´display is the new brand offering the best solution for the packaging and display of merchandise. With customised packaging, individual display concepts of corrugated cardboard and the most modern digital printing technology, we develop the best solution for your products and design your brand presence to be unique and future-oriented. From consultation through development and design to production and possible packaging, THIMM is your strong partner.

Best solution for the packaging and display of merchandise. THIMM pack'n'display offers all this.
According to the philosphy of FREE TO BE YOUR BEST, we take the liberty of doing what our customers need. This is because freedom makes flexibility and growth, as well as success and the future possible. With professional and competent experts, THIMM pack’n’display offers our customers more potential, more simplicity and more comfort. You have a contact person that accompanies you from the idea to the realisation of a holistic packaging and display concept. From functional e-commerce packaging and sales packaging with advertising appeal through presentation of merchandise appropriate for the retail trade and food packaging, extending to individual display solutions and high quality decoration elements. Together with you, THIMM pack’n‘display develops the best solution for your products. Thanks to our industry expertise, we are familiar with the packaging and display-related requirements along the service chain and can optimally combine differentiation and efficiency. The result is individual solution concepts "Made by THIMM".

THIMM pack'n'display: Best solution for the packaging of merchandise.

As a provider of complete solutions, we bring together our competencies along the entire value creation chain. With innovative consultation and development competence, as well as sustainable production and printing processes, THIMM pack'n'display offers efficient and customised packaging.

From point-of-purchase packaging suitable for the retail trade, sales packaging printed in high quality, protective transport packaging to attractive e-commerce packaging: Strengthen your brand presence and profit from innovative packaging that optimises your packing processes.

However, corrugated cardboard is not only for outer packaging, but is also increasingly becoming the product itself. THIMM pack'n'display has, for example, created modular assemblies of corrugated cardboard together with Nintendo that represent interactive game elements for the Nintendo Switch console. The French company SAS Lucy also uses corrugated cardboard to make a product: the "Amplilib" sound amplifier.

THIMM pack'n'display shows how, in combination with a lot of innovation, there is a lot more in corrugated cardboard than paper. Namely, a material that packages securely, provides complete protection, sells with emotions and really inspires.

THIMM pack'n'display: Best solution for the display of merchandise.

Individual consultation, extraordinary developments and attractive designs are the central elements for strong display concepts and decoration elements. As the leading manufacturer of sales-promoting display solutions, THIMM pack'n'display is familiar with the requirements of the market and transports your brand and product message successfully to the point of purchase.

Attention-getting display concepts and decoration elements are a central marketing tool for differentiating products from classic shelf placements and providing additional sales promotion,  The goal is to offer the customer a varied shopping experience that positively influences his purchasing decision, represents added value and stimulates purchases.

Most purchase decisions are made spontaneously at the POS. With the targeted use of attractive pallet and floor displays, counter displays in the cashier area, advertising and deco columns as reach amplifiers, as well as decoration elements on ceilings and windows, THIMM pack'n'display works with you to promote your retail sales.

Displays and decorations from THIMM pack’n’display:

Various solutions from THIMM pack'n'display show how packaging and displays can complement one another. Together with the customer Unilever, THIMM pack'n'display conceptualised a holistic display and packaging concept for the Sanella brand consisting of a pallet display with stackable outer packaging for baked goods. Display elements and packaging work hand in hand here. App-based data codes integrated into printed images connect packaging and displays with the digital world and thus enable interesting interactions of customers with products and brands. The data codes are invisible elements within the printed image. A new emotional purchasing experience is thus created.

One way. One technology. Thousand emotions.

Displays and packaging offer even greater added value when they also convince with high quality printing. Whether flexo, offset or the latest digital printing - with THIMM pack'n'display, you receive the printing process your display and your packaging require to provide the optimal stimulation for customers.

In particular, with the most modern digital printing technology, we lend your displays and packaging new colour brilliancy and an individual and personal brand message. In the process, flexibility is one of the greatest factors for success of the digital printing of THIMM pack'n'display. The most varied designs can be printed in offset quality and with an unlimited number of colours.

Digital printing is perfectly suited for seasonal market segments and special promotions. Here, flexibility and speed harmonise with individualisation and high colour quality. Convince yourself!


THIMM pack'n'display is there for you throughout Europe and offers comprehensive packaging and display know-how at eight locations in Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic. We invest continually in our processes and works in order to place the best solution with the most modern IT and production processes in your hands.

THIMM pack'n'display thus achieves increased differentiation and strong brand confidence with optimal efficiency through comprehensive personal consultation. With THIMM, you have a partner with many years of industry expertise and the know-how to ideally package, transport and present products.

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