Food packaging


Sustainable food packaging for gastronomy, food to go, specialist stores or retail outlets is best purchased directly from the manufacturer: We have been producing sustainable packaging since 1949. That's why we are familiar with all the requirements for food packaging and can implement them perfectly in the best solution for you! Our food packaging provides comprehensive product protection while simultaneously displaying your food products. Our packaging is suitable for all types of food – whether warm, greasy, deep-fried, cold, deep-frozen, unprocessed, heat-resistant, hot, microwave-heated or moist. The food packaging is environmentally-friendly, easy to recycle and is an excellent means of sharing information about your brand. We produce packaging for direct and indirect food contact. Buy hygienic, sustainable food packaging now! 

Food packaging made from sustainable corrugated cardboard

No more anger about unnecessary plastic packaging. Our versatile packaging made from foodWave® and foodWave® | heatproof provides a welcome environmentally-friendly alternative, which in terms of functionality is by no means inferior to plastic food packaging. Whether for organically grown fruit or conventional food, by switching from plastic to corrugated cardboard, everyone can set an example of sustainability.

The certified food packaging made from foodWave® and foodWave® | heatproof has been designed for 100% safe direct food contact. foodWave® is our grade of corrugated cardboard used for direct food contact. It is made of 100% fresh fibres and is available in white and brown. Our selected raw materials are from certified sources (FSC®/PEFC). The type of corrugated cardboard used for food packaging is produced under strict hygienic production conditions at our BRC Standard-certified factory and uses environmentally-friendly starch glue. Our foodWave® contains no mineral oils, making it especially food-safe and environmentally-friendly.
When used in combination with our special finish, it is even grease and oil-repellent, making it ideal for food packaging for moist or greasy products. Even when used with our special finish, foodWave® food packaging can be easily recycled. Provided it contains no food residues the packaging can be disposed of with wastepaper. Bakery products such as croissants, sweet pastries and pizza have special packaging needs, because these products release grease and moisture onto the paper of the food packaging. Thanks to its excellent design properties, foodWave® can also be used flexibly for almost all packaging shapes.

Food packaging for Food to Go

The meal box is also made from foodWave® or foodWave® | heatproof. THIMM's meal box provides perfect storage and safe transportation for take-away meals – regardless of whether the food is hot or cold. The single-piece meal box with its folding lid is easily closed to protect the food during transport. The sizes of the food packaging can be customised and used widely. You can transport everything from salads, appetisers, main dishes to desserts. They can just as easily be stored in the fridge or reheated in the oven at 220°C for 30 minutes or at 180°C for 180 minutes or in the microwave. The meal box is assembled in just a few simple steps and is immediately ready for use, even without glue. The corrugated cardboard is made 100% from fresh fibre paper and replaces trays made from aluminium or with a PE or silicone coating, which means they are easy to recycle and environmentally-friendly.



Our burger, snack, pasta and kebab boxes are also made from our foodWave® or foodWave ® | heatproof and thus complement our range of food packaging. The different boxes are ideal for take-away food. From Asian dishes to döner kebabs, curried sausage, hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers, escalopes with fries and many other fast and street food products, our sustainable food packaging can be used to package and transport them. Not only the preparation, but also the packaging of the food, should be quick and easy. These packaging units enable you to package or give your customers the food quickly and easily.

We would be happy to have your foodWave® packaging certified by ISEGA*, and we will deliver the packaging with a declaration of conformity.


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Heat-resistant food packaging for oven and microwave

In contrast to foodWave®, foodWave® | heatproof is our heat-resistant grade of corrugated cardboard for direct food contact. It has the same properties as foodWave®, except that the food packaging made of foodWave® | heatproof can be safely heated in the microwave or oven at 220°C for 30 minutes or at 180°C for 180 minutes in accordance with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. 

You can find more information about our foodWave® | heatproof here.

Our baking tray is suitable for direct food contact and therefore counts as one of our food packaging units. It is made from our heat-resistant and greaseproof grade of corrugated cardboard – foodWave® | heatproof. foodWave® | heatproof is a seamless and greaseproof design that is ideally suited to oven-fresh delicacies such as meatloaf varieties, cakes or bread. It can also be used for reheating and baking. After use, the silicone-free baking tray can be easily recycled, making it a sustainable alternative to aluminium trays. We can produce our baking tray in different designs and sizes, however you need them for your food.

You can find more information about our baking tray here.




Printed and exclusive food packaging made from cardboard

Using sustainable corrugated cardboard trays in food packaging can reduce or completely replace the consumption of plastic and aluminium packaging. The trays are very versatile in their use, both for direct and indirect food contact. From biscuits, doughnuts, chocolate, cakes, pastries, fruit and vegetables to many other foodstuffs that can be packed in our packaging, they can be designed and used in many different ways. Our fine flute types, E-flute and F-flute, are perfectly suited for these applications and also deliver logistics benefits.  We are able to produce standard cartons, conical cartons, corrugated cardboard trays with carry handles and many other designs for your food. The finish on indirect food packaging is created through the unique possibilities of digital, flexo and offset printing which contribute to presenting an attractive brand presence. 

Our laser cutting gives your food packaging a special exclusivity that attracts more attention to your product. With shapes, symbols, delicate die-cut motifs or extravagant forms, you will stand out from the competition and confer a special look on your product at the POS

Depending on the design, the corrugated cardboard trays can be pre-assembled and shipped nested. This pre-assembly means they can be used and filled immediately. 


Food packaging for fruit and vegetables

REWE Group Austria uses this sustainable grass corrugated cardboard packaging for organic tomatoes from its own brand Ja!  Natürlich, amongst other products. As the food packaging has been printed in Flexo-High Quality Postprint (HQPP) using water-based inks, the customised design is also easy to implement with virtually no design restrictions. Fruit and vegetables are therefore not only hygienically protected from damage, but are also presented in such a way on the shelf to promote sales. This packaging for fruit and vegetables is also made from 100% corrugated cardboard and is therefore fully recyclable.

More information on packaging for fruit and vegetables can be found here.

Climate-friendly food packaging: Corrugated cardboard trays for fruit and vegetable packaging

A CO2 footprint analysis by the University of Freiburg shows the climate benefits of corrugated cardboard trays for fruit or vegetables compared to PET trays. Scientists have found that the life cycle of a corrugated cardboard tray generates 0.017 kg CO2 equivalents. The climate effects of a PET tray are more than twice as high with 0.036 kg CO2 equivalents. In each case the measurement considered the entire process from the production of the food packaging to its "end of life".

Corrugated cardboard impresses thanks to its technical climate-friendly credentials, its high recycling rate and its use of renewable natural raw materials. The potential for replacing plastic packaging with recyclable corrugated cardboard packaging is huge!

Further information on the CO2 footprint analysis by the University of Freiburg can be found at the Association of the Corrugated Board Industry (VDW).