Chemical & Hazardous Goods


Hazardous goods present risks to humans, animals and the environment. This is why it is important to package them appropriately to ensure that the products are shipped safely. We know what is required and have the best possible packaging solutions for you.

Safety guarantee by a certified testing body

Through our quality assurance programme we guarantee compliance with the hazardous goods regulations of the Federal Institute for Materials Research. Our laboratory in Northeim has a recognition from the Federal Institute for Materials Research for the type examination of packaging for the transportation of hazardous goods, and this is where we control and guarantee the quality of your hazardous goods packaging.

Protecting and transporting chemicals and hazardous products safely

The demands placed on the smooth and secure transportation of hazardous goods and industrial chemicals is our highest priority. A representative product example of this sector is THIMM transportSafe. We guarantee a certified packaging solution that is suitable for hazardous goods that need a high degree of protection. The multiple fixing options ensure that your product is optimally protected inside the packaging and transported as securely as possible.  Individual notes, labels and advertising can be printed on the packaging design.
Find out about the different packaging solutions for chemicals and hazardous goods:

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