THIMM wins the Bronze display Superstar Award with its revolving desk display

News | 20.10.2017

THIMM gewinnt display Superstar Award 2017

Thimm has received the Bronze display Superstar Award for its revolving desk display. The display impressed the jury in the “Product-carrying displays main material: cardboard” category and was developed for the Czech company AG Foods by Thimm Packaging.

Revolving display single-material solution

The revolving display holds individually packaged portions of breakfast porridge in restaurants and hotels. The display can also be used at the point of sale in retail stores. To facilitate the selection of the right porridge variety, the display has a revolving function.

The revolving display is made primarily from corrugated cardboard. To support the revolving function and increase its stability, a small wooden bar is concealed inside the display.
The smooth, almost floating revolving motion is created by the use of Paratherm paper in the processed corrugated cardboard. The use of a universal print design means the display is suitable for a range of product varieties. It is also quick and easy to refill the pouches. 

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