Donations & Sponsorship


Social Commitment in THIMM Group:

Responsibility to society is an important part of our corporate philosophy and is a major focus for us alongside our customer and employee orientation. As an active member of the community we make many different donations in the areas around our company sites which we base on uniform and transparent principles. These are anchored in our Donations Guidelines.

Through our donation activities we primarily support

  • Charitable organisations and humanitarian providers. These include hospices, women's refuges, shelters for the homeless, services for people with disabilities and children and family support.
  • Facilities and projects to promote education, upbringing and science. Examples of these include nurseries, schools and supported workshops.
  • Initiatives and projects which contribute to improving the quality of life such as civic performance halls, cultural events, public swimming pools and similar.

Our donations are both financial and in the form of materials such as paper, corrugated cardboard or packaging. Below are some of the projects and organisations that we have supported over the last three years at our sites:


  • Alzey: Youth and Cultural Centre Alzey
  • Bremen: ASB Landesverband Bremen e. V.
  • Castrop-Rauxel: Caritasverband für die Stadt Castrop-Rauxel e. V.
  • Duisburg: Tiergnadenhof und Jungendfarm Duisburg e. V.
  • Eberswalde: Haus Sozialer Integration e. V.
  • Essen: Ronald McDonald House Essen 
  • Germersheim: JES – Jugendhilfe Einrichtungen Südwest gGmbH
  • Neuburg an der Donau:  Elisa – Verein zur Familiennachsorge e. V.
  • Nordhausen: Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland Nordhausen e. V.
  • Northeim: Northeim Day Care Center/Albert-Schweitzer-Familienwerk e. V. und KIMBU Home child care Göttingen 
  • Wolnzach: Familien in Not e. V. Pfaffenhofen und PCH-Familie e. V.
  • Wörrstadt: DRK Kreisverband Alzey und Haus Sankt Martin Ingelheim
  • Všetaty: Primary school+kindergarten, family centre "Rodinné centrum Všetaty", events such as "Bluegrass Party Mlékojedy 2019", volunteer fire brigade Ovčáry and many more


  • Alzey: Vita e.V. Assistance Dogs

  • Bremen: Community Centre Heilig-Geist Church Bremen
  • Castrop-Rauxel: Elisabeth Grümer Hospice Foundation

  • Duisburg: Children’s Village Duisburg

  • Eberswalde: Civic Trust Barnim Uckermark “Democracy Prize 2018”, “Brot & Hoffnung” Association

  • Essen: Ronald McDonald House

  • Germersheim: Germersheim Food Bank

  • Neuburg an der Donau: Autism Assistance Region 10

  • Nordhausen: Christian Hospice Foundation “Haus Geborgenheit”

  • Northeim: FAZIT - Socio-medical aftercare, ecumenical emergency pastoral care Northeim, Göttingen Charity Run/Parental Assistance for children with cancer, Northeim Stadthalle Foundation, THW (Technical Relief Agency) Einbeck, Project “songs for cool kids” and many more

  • Všetaty: Primary school & kindergarten Všetaty, “Švanda-CUP 2018”, Voluntary Fire Service Všetaty , Family Centre Všetaty, “Bluegrass Party Mlékojedy 2018” and many more

  • Wolnzach: Alzheimer’s Society District of Pfaffenhofen/Ilm - Dementia Support Group, Weißer Ring Pfaffenhofen

  • Wörrstadt: “Alzey Advent Calender” from the Alzey Lions Club


  • Alzey: Multigenerational house of the diaconia

  • Bremen: "Lebenshilfe" organization ("Life Aid")

  • Castrop-Rauxel: Caritas Association “Cascade” project

  • Duisburg: Remedial social services

  • Eberswalde: Fire Brigade's booster club "St. Florian e. V."

  • Essen: Essen food bank

  • Germersheim: German Child Protection Association Germersheim District

  • Neuburg: Bavarian Red Cross Neuburg"3-Welten-Konzept"

  • Nordhausen: Project of the Nordhausen sports federation: "cooperation day care center - school - club"

  • Northeim: "Lebenshilfe" organization ("Life Aid") Northeim, KIMBU Göttingen, association "parental home" for children with cancer, theatre "Theater der Nacht" in Northeim, oncology center of the university hospital in Göttingen

  • Všetaty: family center Všetaty, primary school & kindergarten in Všetaty, kindergarten in Tišice, village day in Tišice, summer party in Mlékojedy

  • Wolnzach: Forest Kindergarten Wolnzach

  • Wörrstadt: Hospice association "Die Sternenwiese"