Redefine the packaging standards


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Packaging optimisation of individual packaging units

Based on the results of the preceding packaging analysis at the Haigerloch site, THIMM discussed the basis of the optimisation project with Theben AG. According to Björn Bartram, THIMM "Our remit at Theben AG was to redefine the packaging standards and then use them to develop a concept. The existing packaging and the machinery in Haigerloch were the starting point. We defined standardised packaging master data to be used, for example, for invitations to tender and technical specifications. The focus was on reducing the complexity of the packaging types, their modular structures and material efficiency, surface and volume efficiency as well as optimising procurement. Handling was also improved considerably."

In the design optimisation THIMM standardised and simplified the existing packaging and in some cases the use of different inserts or integrated padding was discontinued. The optimisation also revealed that it was not always necessary to use padding materials, such as bubble wrap. In many cases the user manual could assume the role of padding. Some packaging units are now resealable which met the requirements of the installers. Products of the same size now use the same packaging sizes and depending on the dimensions are made of solid board or corrugated cardboard. The optimisations led to increased procurement volumes due to the lower variety. This led to a standardisation of the company image in the market and to cost savings in all areas related to packaging.

Björn Bartram also draws a positive conclusion: “We improved customer benefit at every stage of the supply chain and achieved a good result for the Theben AG.” He also advised of the importance of always considering the big picture as only a comprehensive assessment of the situation will be effective.