Heat-resistant food packaging for Nette Papier


Environmental consciousness is a central societal challenge. Ecological principles also have a high priority in the packaging world, and the focus is on the sustainable development of environmentally-friendly packaging of corrugated cardboard, including for food packaging in the retail trade. This environmental consciousness is gaining significantly in importance with many companies. The Nette Papier company also sees great potential for contributing to environmental protection with corrugated cardboard-packaging.

Sustainable food packaging of corrugated cardboard as an alternative to aluminium shells

THIMM has developed environmentally-friendly and heat-resistant packaging for stacking, which is an optimal and sustainable alternative to shells of aluminum or with PE or silicone coating. The result of the joint packaging development is heat-resistant food packaging that can be individually adapted to the most varied product shapes in terms of size. It brings together a broad range of uses and is ideally suited for greasy- and oily products. The packaging can be provided as a flat blank cut, or the food can be directly delivered in the certified food packaging, so that repeat repackaging is dispensed with.

Nette Papier has been successfully dealing with the theme of "packaging and advertising" for more than 60 years now. Nette Papier convinces its customers every day as a specialist for professional packaging solutions. Improving the practicable, addressing customer wishes and requirements immediately and practically are elements of the philosophy of the company. From simple paper carrying bags to multifunctional packagng systems, Nette Papier stands for a large selection of practical and attractive packaging solutions in various areas. Especially in the cateringand take away-business, customers eat with their eyes first, so that, in addition to the tasty foods, their packaging must also convince with its individual visuals, quality and functionality, as well as with practical handling. Packaging is also a central element in the sales process: food must be packaged securely prior to shipping. Sustainable and recycled raw materials, as well as certified products are also increasing in importance with reference to our environment and the growth of e-commerce.


With the certified and heat-resistant packaging of currugated cardboard, THIMM and Nette Papier see a sustainable alternative to shells of aluminum or with PE or silicone coating. Nette Papier is setting new standards for environmental consciousness in the packaging world with this ecological concept.

Michael Nette, CEO of Nette Papier, found in THIMM the right partner for the development of environmentally-friendly and forward-looking food packaging and has the following to say about the cooperation:

"We have thought of the future together with THIMM!"

Certified food packaging made from corrugated cardboard for the heating of food

100% unobjectionable direct contact of the food with the heat-resistant food packaging

  • Special paper of the heat-resistant food packaging consists to 100% of fresh fibre paper and is certified for unobjectionable direct contact with Food
  • Select raw materials from certified sources (FSC®/ PEFC) are used for the heat-resistant food packaging
  • Heat-resistant food packaging is produced with starch glue under the strictest hygienic conditions in a factory certified according to the BRC / loP- Standard
  • Pursuant to BfR 36-2, the heat-resistant food packaging is ideal for heating food in the microwave and the oven
  • Heat-resistant food packaging is certified for baking use at 180 °C for up to 180 minutes and at 220 °C for up to 30 minutes. There is a possibility to certify other technical values.
    Thanks to the joint-free design, the heat-resistant food packaging offers a variety of application areas for greasy- and oily products (KIT-: > 12)

Stackable food packaging as a sustainable alternative to Aluminium Shells

  • According to your wishes, the heat-resistant packaging can be shipped flat or already set up
  • Heat-resistant food packaging can be resealed again at any time
  • Delivery of food directly in the food packaging is also possible without repeat packaging
  • Heat-resistant food packaging as an environmentally-friendly alternative to shells of aluminium or with PE- or silicone coating
  • High degree of efficiency and easy handling: Heat-resistant food packaging can be set up easily with four "clicks" and stacked in one another
  • Easy disposal of the silicone-free food packaging