Corrugated cardboard shipping box with anti-theft protection for HFO Telecom

08.08.2019 THIMM has developed a shipping box with an integrated corrugated cardboard safety lock for HFO Telecom. In addition to safe and secure shipping, the shipping box also offers large-surface design opportunities for an optimum brand presentation.
Sustainable shipping box with integrated anti-theft protection made from corrugated cardboard for HFO Telecom

The Bavarian company, HFO Telecom, based in Oberkotzau is a specialist for ALL IP- and Cloud-Telephony. As an innovative telecommunications company, HFO Telecom offers customised and highly-professional communications solutions. From telephony- and internet products through to expert consultancy and support, HFO Telecom is a High-Service-Partner for companies and private customers alike. The issue of security is of particular importance to the company – from the shipment to the actual use of the products.

The integrated anti-theft protection made from corrugated cardboard protects the new shipping box from unauthorised opening. The lock also seals the shipping box which means that adhesive tape is not is required to close it. The tamper-proof lock guarantees that the packaging is intact at the time of its receipt as it cannot be opened without being destroyed. The integrated tear perforation makes the shipping box easy to open for the recipient. The shipping box also offers large-surface design opportunities for a high-impact brand presentation.

Find out more here about the anti-theft shipping box for HFO Telecom.

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