Customer support team leader at THIMM

Jakub Letko

  • Job title:

    Head of Customer Support

  • Site:

    Všetaty, Czech Republic

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Hello, I’m Jakub!

As head of customer service at THIMM pack'n'display in Všetaty, I head up the internal sales department.

I am a dynamic person who likes to set goals, take on challenges and push boundaries. At THIMM, I have the opportunity to do this. It also gives me the opportunity to operate in domestic and global markets. I appreciate that. Customer satisfaction, which goes hand in hand with the personal fulfilment of my colleagues, is hugely satisfying and motivating for me. Management and HR are my favourite topics, I would even say they are a hobby. With us, we “play” as a team!

My private life is simple. I enjoy training in the gym, reading an interesting book, relaxing or spending time with my loved ones. I really enjoy travelling, which unfortunately the general situation has not really allowed me to do recently. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by great people in both my private and professional life, so I don't worry too much about it.

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