Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the security of supply for the population is very important. To this end, packaging producers such as THIMM make a significant contribution in the supply chain of food products and of pharmaceutical and medical products.

We look forward to helping you!

Personal appointments are only possible at the moment to a limited extent - No problem! Our employees are still there to help you and will be pleased to advise you by Skype in a video conference, by telephone or in writing. We will definitely find a customised solution for your requirements. You can still address any queries and orders in the usual way to your designated THIMM contact partner. Alternatively you can you use our online form.

Preventive measures at THIMM

In our family business our top priority is the health of our employees, customers and business partners. Therefore back in February 2020 preventive Corona protective measures were implemented at all THIMM sites in accordance with official recommendations. Mobile working, shift changes and spatial separation are currently contributing at THIMM to contact reduction and are in compliance with the required minimum distances. In addition, comprehensive hygiene rules are being implemented in all sites at all times. All preventive measures have been, and continue to be, constantly reassessed and where required intensified due to fast moving Coronavirus developments.

Mathias Schliep, CEO

“This period is challenging us in very particular ways. Every day we are making fast decisions in order to ensure the health of our employees, to meet the requirements of our customers as and to guide the company THIMM safely through the Coronavirus pandemic.
As a family business we are in a very good position to do this and we are looking to the long-term future. We have fantastic, loyal employees and we feel mutually very connected. Their commitment to do everything to ensure packaging production whilst taking preventive protective measures, is exemplary. Firm cohesion is indispensable in times of crisis. In this fast-moving period we are all pulling together at THIMM so our work and actions are focused on the future. We will also be making many important investments in 2021 to ensure our sustainable corporate development.
As our customers you are always in our focus of everything we do. We put great emphasis on long-term connections that are constantly revitalised through our innovative capacity. Our priority is always adherence to our contractually agreed services with you.
The same applies to our suppliers with whom we closely collaborate in a spirit of partnership and strategic challenge.
This all sets a good basis for our sustainable growth above and beyond the Coronavirus crisis.  With this in mind we are looking to the future with confidence and together with you. Please stay healthy!”