Climate-neutral packaging


Climate protection is becoming more and more important to consumers and the demand for climate-neutral packaging is increasing. We will be happy to support you on this issue and on request we offer climate-neutral packaging and displays. With climate-neutral packaging and displays, you can differentiate your products at the POS and show your clear position on sustainability and environmental protection. Let’s work together to combat climate change - with climate-neutral solutions. 

THIMM develops sustainable packaging solutions, optimises them with regard to resources and material consumption and produces them in an environmentally-friendly way. We test every source of CO2e-known to us and we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, packaging cannot yet be produced in a totally climate-neutral manner without any CO2e-emissions. From the production to the delivery of our packaging CO2e-emissions occur, which we cannot completely avoid. That’s why, in collaboration with ClimatePartner, we offer CO2e-emission offsetting, which make your packaging and displays climate-neutral. 

Climate-neutral packaging through offsetting

In collaboration with ClimatePartner, we offer you the opportunity to offset the unavoidable CO2e-emissions from your own packaging. To do this, we calculate the CO2e-emissions of your order with validated data and verified tools. You can offset the calculated CO2e-emissions of your packaging by investing in climate protection projects and then using climate-neutral packaging. The additional cost contribution for a CO2e-offset amounts on average to less than one percent of the packaging price.

Climate neutrality means compensation, not zero emissions. The term "climate-neutral" has been established for many years and is understood by all major institutions involved.

The CO2e-volume to be offset is always different and depends on other factors in addition to packaging quantities. The calculation is based on THIMM’s certified CCF (Corporate/Company Carbon Footprint). THIMM’s expertise and sustainable production help keep any CO2e-emissions from packaging as low as possible. This also benefits you: The more CO2e is avoided or reduced by THIMM in advance, the less CO2e remains for offsetting. Take advantage of THIMM’s know-how-for your climate-neutral packaging.

From carbon offset projects to climate-neutral packaging

In addition to prevention and reduction, offsetting CO2e-emissions is an important step in combating global warming. By investing in internationally recognised carbon offset projects, you are contributing to climate protection and also promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.- The carbon offset projects are also development projects for local populations. Climate change is a global phenomenon, so it is not relevant where in the world a climate protection project is implemented.

ClimatePartner offers a wide selection of internationally and nationally recognised carbon offset projects with different focal points in many countries around the world. These carbpm offset projects demonstrably save CO2e-emissions and make it possible to use climate-neutral packaging in the first place. ClimatePartner guarantees that these are certified, recognised projects and it ensures clear transparency about their development. Independent third parties (TÜV, SGS, PwC) control the exact amount of CO2e-savings of individual carbon offset projects. To finance the project these savings are sold in the form of certified emission reductions, such as in our case for climate-neutral packaging or displays.

On the ClimatePartner website, you can always find the current overview of all carbon offset projects that demonstrably save greenhouse gas emissions, protect the climate and enable you to move towards climate-neutral packaging.

As a paper-processing company, at THIMM we recommend projects that support renewable energies, healthy forests and clean water for the climate-neutralisation of packaging. Ultimately, however, our customers can choose which carbon offset project they want to use to offset CO2e-emissions and make their packaging climate-neutral. 

Climate-neutral packaging helps market your products

If you have decided to use climate-neutral packaging and have selected a suitable carbon offset project, various marketing documents are available to you.
For example, you can integrate the packaging directly into your marketing-communications. Climate-neutral packaging and displays offer a good surface for the placement of the “Climate-neutral packaging” label. THIMM’s digital printing options mean you can also have every packaging unit individually printed. This gives your customers and consumers the opportunity to learn more about your climate-neutral packaging. 

The ClimatePartner label "Climate neutral packaging" with a tracking-ID and individual QR-code 
We can print this label for you on your climate-neutral packaging. This label is clearly visible and embedded in the graphic layout of the packaging for clear transparency. Anyone interested can scan the QR-code with a smartphone for quick access to a detailed overview with background information. With the order-related tracking-ID-number all the information on the corresponding climate protection project with which you have offset the CO2e-emissions of this packaging unit is transparently available to everyone. The “Climate-neutral packaging” label demonstrates you are clearly committed to climate protection and also increases the reach and credibility of your sustainability strategy.

The “Partner in climate protection” certificate 
For climate-neutral packaging - produced at THIMM, you will also - receive a certificate which you can use as further proof of greater transparency. This shows that you obtain your climate-neutral packaging from a certified packaging supplier who operates in the partner network with ClimatePartner. 

Numerous images and texts 
You have access to a pool of photos, videos and texts provided by ClimatePartner for your communications. This makes your work easier. Climate-neutral packaging itself is also ideally suited as a striking projection surface for your communications. For example, you can add customisation to your packaging printed with THIMM’s digital printing options

Easy to use in practice

Enter the individual tracking-ID-number on the ClimatePartner page or scan the QR-code from the climate-neutral packaging: Both methods enable you and your consumers to obtain detailed background information about the climate protection project and which shows the CO2e-offsetting figures. This makes it possible to track very transparently how many CO2e-emissions have been offset by which project for the respective climate-neutral packaging. 


Good reasons for climate-neutral packaging: 

  • You contribute to global climate protection and support recognised carbon offset projects.
  • You receive a certificate for the offsetting and you may identify your packaging with the “climate-neutral” label, thus showcasing your dedication and commitment to climate protection. 
  • You obtain full transparency: The ID-number can be used at any time to track the emissions offset. 
  • Through your commitment with your climate-neutral packaging you are making a major contribution to climate protection: The CO2e-emissions offset usually costs less than 1% of the packaging price. 
  • You can rely on the tested quality: The emissions offset for your climate-neutral packaging is certified in accordance with ISO 16759 and has been inspected by TÜV Austria.


Would you like climate-neutral packaging for your products?

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Then please contact us. We will be happy to calculate the CO2e-emissions of your packaging and we will create a customised offset proposal for you. Obtaining climate-neutral packaging from THIMM is very simple.

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Where are CO2e-emissions generated?

The production of everything, including packaging, is inevitably associated with CO2e-emissions. These occur in different areas, known as scopes. Depending on where CO2e-emissions are caused, references are made to Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3. At THIMM we strive to keep CO2e-emissions as low as possible in all areas. So we can propose climate-neutral packaging as cost-effectively as possible to you, we rely from the outset on efficient processes and a sparing use of our resources. Find out more in our Sustainable production section. 

Scopes: CO2e-Emissionen Bereiche

Scope 1 includes all emissions directly caused by combustion. THIMM has a direct influence on these CO2e-emissions. For this scope we test and optimise all CO2e-sources so that as few emissions as possible are generated in the creation of the climate-neutral packaging. 

Scope 2 covers emissions caused by purchased energy (electricity and district heating). THIMM has an indirect influence on these CO2e-emissions. We deliberately only use energy-providers who supply us with 100% climate-neutral energy. 

Scope 3 covers emissions caused by purchased preliminary work or services of third parties (e.g. CO2e-emissions in the supply chain from our suppliers (inbound) and also CO2e-emissions resulting from the use of our products (outbound). 

CO2e stands for carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents (e).
CO2e-emissions are calculated when calculating compensation volumes for climate-neutral packaging. CO2e is a unit that represents the impact of all greenhouse gases on the climate.

The different greenhouse gases impact the greenhouse effect to varying degrees. In addition to CO2, methane and nitrous oxide, for example, are produced in agriculture and are much more harmful to the climate than CO2. A comparison: One tonne of methane is the equivalent to approximately 25 tonnes of CO2-equivalents (CO2e). 


Our additional approaches to climate-neutral packaging can also be found in our current Sustainability Report.