Real-life e-commerce test


Are packaging management and logistics 4.0 ready? Online retailing has grown continuously over the last few years which in turn has led to an increase in packaging and shipment volumes. Last year the increase was 5.9 percent higher than the previous year. What does this mean for online retailers and customers?

“We carried out a real-life e-commerce test to find out the answers” explains Björn Bartram, Senior Manager THIMM. "As our basis we researched the highest revenue sectors with the TOP online retailers. To reach realistic assessments we simulated everyday life. We placed about 100 online orders for the widest range of products destined for private use. Delivery times: one to 24 working days. Striking differences were quickly revealed in relation to shipping costs. A curtain rod with a value of EUR 14.00 was delivered to us free-of-charge, for EUR 4.95 and also for EUR 34.95. How do online shops justify these differences? What optimisation potential exists for packaging, processes, service and efficiency?

Any analysis should always be performed comprehensively across all packaging and logistics areas. This is important because there are almost always inter-dependencies. Through our real-life test we wanted to highlight the possible process and cost optimisations to online retailers.”

You can request the detailed results of our real-life test from us as a free brochure.