Sales promotion


Sales promotion work is done directly at the Point of Sale (POS), and is designed to motivate customers to buy. Your high-quality products and your brand help contribute to this. Present them perfectly with the help of packaging, product displays and decorations! They’re usually more cost-efficient than traditional advertising as well.

Let packaging do the selling for you

Organising products carelessly gives customers the impression of low quality. You can take action! Your products and your markets deserve to be placed in the right light. Corrugated cardboard packaging is an ideal solution: combine functionality and design in your sales promotion work!

Our answer to the needs of the commercial landscape: THIMM xPOSe®

Purchasing decision criteria are equally important considerations when it comes to successful retail sales. This involves presenting the brand in an appealing way, to distinguish it from others. Goods availability and easily accessible placement are also of crucial importance. Of course, cost drivers for branding, merchandising and shelf placement can pose obstacles, and cannot be ignored either.
The THIMM xPOSe® range of pushfeed systems were specially developed for these retail requirements, and take the primary influence factors into account: branding, positioning, and surface area productivity.
Using THIMM xPOSe® pushfeed systems helps present your products perfectly, by making sure they’re positioned where they can be most successful: in your customers’ focus!

Product benefits at a glance:

  • Optimal use of shelf capacity (multiple stacking)
  • Pushfeed ensures best possible presentation of goods (continuous access)
  • Merchandising cost reduction
  • Flexible integration into packaging process (manual or automatic transfer into shelf packaging possible)
  • Easy recycling (single-material solution)
  • Design can be adapted flexibly to product, allowing unlimited range of options
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