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Well packaged with security. The ability to lock packaging securely is becoming increasingly important for a wide variety of industry sectors including e-commerce, medicine and pharmacy and also food products. This means that the requirements for transportation security and product protection are also increasing. As an innovative packaging expert, THIMM has developed security locks with the capacity to identify both the integrity of the secondary packaging and also whether it has been tampered with.

Security for manufacturers and customers. The ability to lock packaging securely in the e-commerce sector is becoming increasingly important and almost indispensable. Due to the year-on-year growth of the e-commerce sector the number of products being shipped is also increasing. Whether this is private shipping of personal items and gifts or orders from a favourite online shop, both should arrive securely and intact with the recipient. Secondary packaging with a security lock guarantees a secure initial opening of your package and also prevents against counterfeiting and manipulations.

The lock is visibly destroyed when the packaging is opened and cannot be reused. This means you will always recognise whether unauthorised third-parties have gained access your package and product.

All security locks are available in combination with secondary packaging. Please contact us and we will find the best locking solution for your products!


Locking packaging: THIMM secureLock

THIMM secureLock is a lock made from corrugated cardboard for shipping and transportation packaging. The security lock is characterised by its adhesive-free locking. The packaging is locked into place with locking flaps on the sides. The locking system is particularly suitable for online shipments of food products, medication and other high-value products. With THIMM secureLock you can identify the integrity and tamper-proof state of your products. This is very important for manufacturers and customers!
Have you thought about birthday gifts for your loved ones yet? Package these securely for their transportation. For more pleasure upon receipt.  THIMM secureLock, the packaging with a lock, can be opened easily at the perforation.

Find out more here about secure shipping with THIMM secureLock.

Design features of THIMM secureLock

  • Adhesive-free locking saves a work process during the manufacturing process.
  • Easy to open by the recipient thanks to the integrated perforation.
  • The recipient immediately recognises the integrity of the secure shipping packaging from the anti-theft seal.
  • An internal product fixing can also be supplied with the packaging which gives the products more grip and stability.

Benefits of the security lock for manufacturers and recipients

  • Secure proof that the product has not been subjected to fraud.
  • The packaging is sealed along the entire transportation journey.
  • A faulty security lock means you can immediately see that the packaging has been opened by unauthorised third-parties.
  • The packaging can be reused, also without a security lock.


Our success stories for the use of THIMM secureLock:

Locking packaging: THIMM parcelProof

Do you already know about THIMM parcelProof made from corrugated cardboard? THIMM parcelProof is a sustainable locking system that guarantees security throughout the entire transport journey through its innovative lid flap design. THIMM parcelProof can be used for various shipping packaging formats and for many areas of application, such as the shipment of food products, medication or other high-value products. Play it safe with shipping packaging including an integral secure lock.

Design features of THIMM parcelProof

  • Packaging lock removes the need for an additional adhesive seal.
  • Savings in the production process as there is now no need to apply the adhesive strips for the lock.
  • The locking system provides anti-theft protection from third-parties, as the packaging can only be opened visibly.

Locking packaging for manufacturers and recipients

  • The recipient can use the integrated tear perforation to easily open the shipping packaging with anti-theft protection.
  • Thanks to the locking system a non-destructive opening is not possible and therefore guarantees the original condition of the product for the recipient.
  • Addition of QR codes for more interactive communications with customers.


Successful use of THIMM parcelProof for packaging for Isabella and Snocks:

Are you looking for secure locking systems for your packaging?


Then locking packaging made from corrugated cardboard is exactly what you need! Thanks to the different designs in the locking mechanism together we can find the optimum locking system for your packaging. Come and talk to us!

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Locking packaging: THIMM Click&Safe

Ship securely with the security lock made from corrugated cardboard. The principle of the locking system is ease of use. Therefore, the perforation is printed and locked in place in the lid. This enables the lid to close and be “activated”. Small packaging formats require one lock for a one-off secure use. For larger packaging formats 2 locks can be used for secure outward and return shipments.

Design features of THIMM Click&Safe locking packaging

  • An integrated perforation when locking the packaging is used to indicate the original condition and integrity of the packaging and its content.
  • Reuse possible: The lock can be opened and closed as often as you want. The security function remains in place depending on the number of flaps used for outward shipping or outward/return shipping.
  • Larger packaging formats can be secured with two locks.
  • Locking and sealing of packaging without additional adhesive tape.  

For more security: Benefits of THIMM Click&Safe

  • The packaging cannot be opened without destroying it. The recipient can immediately see if the packaging has already been opened by a third-party.
  • Customised and unique printing opportunities for a special unpackaging experience.
  • Many use areas in different sectors.

Self-adhesive strips for ease of use

Alongside the secure corrugated cardboard locks, adhesive locks complement the THIMM security lock family. Shipping boxes with integrated self-adhesive strips are indispensable in today's online commerce and they simplify shipping and returns for all concerned. 

We will be pleased to advise you on the opportunities for e-commerce packaging with tamper-proof locks. Talk to us!

Design features of self-adhesive strips

  • Use of one or two adhesive strips when considering shipping packaging returns.
  • Combination of self-adhesive strips and tear strips for easy opening of the packaging.
  • Overlapping lid flaps further secure the product and provide protection from external influences.

Benefits of locks with self-adhesive strips

  • Quick and easy locking of the packaging with the gluing mechanism. Simply remove the film and close the lid.
  • Rapid opening thanks to the integrated tear strip.
  • Re-use of the box even after opening.


Our packaging examples for use with the self-adhesive lock:

Play it safe with packaging locks from THIMM.